Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Theramore - Makeshift Mog

Last night the Theramore scenario started in Wow and I logged on and ran it with both Aritâ and Tyeldres. I'm not too sure how I feel about it though. When I ran it I felt rather blah. Here we are running around and killing Hordies with 3 dps. It reminded me a little of running some old heroics or raids that you could pretty much power though. Afterwards I found a summery explaining the events from the book Tides of War. Now I feel an impact. Theramore isn't being overrun but destroyed. The alliance didn't loose a battle but had the equalivant of a nuclear bomb dropped on it. Hmm... Something truly devastating. I haven't run the horde event yet and I'm not sure if my other Arita will be geared enough for it. But it leaves me wondering if we're going to be part of that destruction or if we're going to be part of something else or even if we'll have the same event as the Alliance.

What I did feel was that I wanted to wear my new tabard in remembrance of Theramore. My druid has a mog set that I really like and I left her alone but I really felt that my death knight needed to change. I played with mogit but I find I have the most trouble coming up with outfits for Tyledres. She's a death knight and I  like keeping her in the skulls and crossbones. Tyledres wants the enemy to look at her and feel fear. You don't get that look wearing bikini's or bright shiny paladin armor. I really think the best choice for armor would be the ToC armor. It's got some golds and blues but they're not super shiney and are instead more muted. Tyledres doesn't have that armor however. And a lot of other pieces I wanted came from Lich King raids or the toc5 man. I've tried but I can't seem to kill those 3 horsemen by myself. I get close but than one runs away or bugs out and I'm SOL.

So I decided to try coming up with an outfit a different way. I went to my bank and took a look to see what Tyldedres has managed to collect. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much gear she's got. After some thought I figured I'd pick up the pants from one of the vendors and threw together some gold and silver gear and than filled in the pieces where I didn't have anything with death knight starter gear and changed my swords to Rimefang's Claw. I really need to replace the shoulders and boots and I have an idea of what pieces I'd use to replace them with. It does mean I'm going to have to try and get as many dungeons and bg runs as I can to try and get the items I want. I'm also thinking about changing the chestpiece but I want to get the pieces I feel stick out the most replaced first.

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