Saturday, September 8, 2012

August Transmog - Faction Pride

One of the things I'd wanted to do was post my entry from Neriapproves August Transmog Tournament. We're now partway though September and the next Tournament has been announced but I really wanted to get this post up. So I present to you my mage - Azilem!

When I submitted this I was thinking about showing off Alliance Pride but now realize that the pose hides my mage's shoulders. She also doesn't have a very interesting weapon.

I had seen the tournament at Neriapproves previously and had wanted to get into it. But than the Transmogolympics came around and I was busy with that. But when the time came to submit my outfits I remembered about Neri's Tournament and decided to check and see what it was. I checked and saw the deadline was coming up quickly and the theme was Faction Pride. I knew whatever I was going to come up with was going to have to be with stuff I already had. That made me think of my mage. She's my last 85 and started leveling after transmogging had been added in. So any armor she found that I thought was neat she kept. Which meant a lot of the stuff from Azuremyst, Bloodmyst, and Outlands is in her bank. When she reached 85 I knew I wanted to justify keeping all that stuff and built her an outfit from stuff she had. And what she had was an awesome chestpiece and the legs from Hellfire. I than chased down all the pieces to make her shoulders and found a belt that worked with the blues and golds. For the tournament I tossed on a tabard and tried some poses for the king.

She's wearing:
Waist - Serenity Belt
Feet - Darrowmere Sandals (Because they didn't show)

I think now that this was the better shot because you can see what she's wearing better. But I'm pretty happy with this look. I'm much happier with my entry for September. But I won't be posting that until it appears over at Neriapproves.

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