Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unexpected game time

That is one big carrot.

I wasn't going to play today. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days where I'm busy with school all day and work all night and sometimes find myself up until midnight still scrambling to get homework done. I wasn't going to be playing today.

Than I woke up and felt terribly awful. In my rush I managed to knock over my glasses and step on them. Bleh. I'm not about to try and wear contacts either. I still fill twitchy from the last time I wore them and I managed to get them crumpled up under my eyelid several times. But since I figured I wasn't going to be going anywhere I figured the headache I'll get from trying to make sense of this weird half-blur of a world was better than the eye ache I'll get trying to wear contacts.

So now I find myself with tons of time. So I figured I'd play some Wow but I find myself reluctant to try and level anything to 86. Why? Because the areas are full of people trying to level and since I'm on a pvp server I have no doubt that there will be those waiting to get some kills. I'm just not feeling up to that. So instead I made a monk. I had done some joking with my guildies about my monk being the first toon I was going to level but I never expected to be playing a monk until after I had a few 90s. I had no idea what race I was going to be for my monk or what name.

So I made a Pandarian. Yes, yes, very original. Heh. And than had no idea what name to use. I eventually just kept hitting randomize but wasn't seeing anything. I tried a few names and nothing was available. Than I hit randomize once more and got Geshi and hit accept. I had meant to keep hitting randomize but I think I rather like the name.

I spent my time going though the zone but I think I'll have to make another Pandarian later when I can see better or at least don't have to have the screen a foot away from my eyes to make things look clear. But what I could see and what I remember from my brief foray into beta was that the zone is beautiful. General chat was filled people asking when they could choose a faction, why there was no mailboxes, how to get there boa's, and why the chat was doubling up and when Blizzard was going to fix it. I stopped paying attention. There was a decent number of people making Pandaren but the zone wasn't really busy but I expect most people are off trying to level their mains.

This lady reminds me of Tyledres
I think it's the hair :)
I managed to get Geshia though the starting zone and picked Alliance for her faction and than did the walk into Stormwind. It was very different from the Death Knight walk of shame. Geshia did the walk with two npc's who stopped to marvel at the quest's board and everywhere we went the npcs would stare at us and say things like "I never expected to see a Pandarian here!" And meeting the King was interesting because he insisted on showing us around and laying down the law along with having a quick battle! I want to make some horde ones just so I can punch Garrosh in the face... unless Garrosh isn't the one we have to fight. Than I spent a bit of time doing a few pet battles but I figured it's about time I tried to get some rest.


  1. Honestly, I recommend doing the Wandering Isles twice. As I said to my wife, I don't know if it was just because I was getting tired last night when we were running around, but there was so much that I only noticed when I went back today to create my second one that I picked up on a lot of it. Such as why you collect the roots and wood planks. How did I miss that the first time???

    I also chose Alliance (as Xi'Shuei's story clearly shows) and am intrigued as to how the Horde one plays out. I got as far as discovering the ship had crashed into the turtle before I had to come in to work this afternoon.

    Oh man, if I get to sock Garrosh...I might fill the 50 character slots on two accounts with nothing but Horde Pandas.
    Groundhog Day suckah!

    1. I'll get back there eventually. But I got some 90's to get first. But the new zones are just as pretty as the Wandering Isles. Visual overload.