Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why do you play your spec - Leveling toons

After some thought I decided I'd talk a bit about some of the toons I'm leveling. I have a tendency to change specs while I level because I like to change things around. Duel-spec helps a lot because I can experiment with the different specs more.

Adorothia - Warrior, Korgath. I started Adora to experience the worgen starting area. Next thing I know she's hitting level 20. She's also the only toon where I used the random name generator to create her name. I never really thought she'd get very far in leveling. Heh. Adorothia is now level 53 and even though she has duel-spec she spends all her time as prot running dungeons. I don't know how I ever leveled anything before dungeon finder. Prot has some fun tools and has been working well for dungeons runs but I haven't had much interest in leveling Adora recently.

Vaunt - Warlock, Aegwynn. Vaunt is one of my earlier toons. Her name is from a moment where I thought warlocks where very similar to vampires and should run around saying, "I vaunt to suck your health, bwa-ha-ha-ha." with the very bad Count Countla Seasme Street voice. I wanted a felguard so I leveled Vaunt as demonology. It took forever but eventually she had a felguard at level 40 in felwood. I really loved her in Outlands when she learned Metamorphoses. Changing into a giant demon, jumping into the fray and doing massive amounts of aoe damage is something that really appealed to me. And than the Cata patch came and I no longer had Metamorphosis. At least not for another couple of levels. So I finally bought duel-spec and tried Destruction. She eventually managed to get the few levels she needed to pick up Metamorphsis again but she's been gathering dust ever since.

VĂ¢unt - Warlock, Korgath. I reuse names I like but only for the same class. And I like Vaunt's name even if it's a terrible joke that no one understands. I started her as destruction and since I hadn't tried affliction I picked that up as her other spec. I haven't done much leveling with her in awhile either.

Sitroh - Hunter, Korgath. I have a few hunters but this is the one that I play with the most regularity. Sitroh is a survival hunter. I like explosive shot. I enjoy playing survival and the changes to what abilities we get is pretty nice. I used my talents to pick up an interrupt and with trap launcher I can no do some decent aoe damage. My other spec is beast master which I haven't touched yet. I had thought I might become crazy about collecting pets but I'm pretty happy having just a ghost saber. I have a few other pets but other than my green ghost bird I don't use any of them. Sitroh has been the toon I'm most concerned with leveling right now but that's partly because I have a friend that I'm leveling Sitroh with.

Hortis - Paladin, Dunemaul. Hortis is an attempt at a blood elf paladin. Since I enjoy leveling though dungeons I made Hortis prot specced. She can't seem to get a decent pair of pants. She spent a lot of time leveling in a pair that looked like a belt with some chain drapes and finally managed to replace them with a bikini. Apparently she seems to have no problem wearing skimpy gear.

I have other alts but none that are currently as important as this set so I'm officially calling an end to my Why do you play your spec series. It was pretty fun to reflect on what brought me to this point with all my toons and I really enjoyed delving a bit into my story telling. But I think one of my favorite parts about this series is that it's not done. I'm only telling the back story and catching up to the present. Things can always change.

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