Saturday, September 22, 2012

Randomness and Lich King Achievements

During the closing cermonies from the mogolympics, JD had picked my polearm outfit as one of the judge's favorites and he sent me the loot code I needed to get my new pet. So I spent Friday figuring out how to do that since I've never had a loot code to turn in before. Which was pretty exciting and didn't take as long as I feared it would. So I decided to keep working on Tyledres's new transmog set which meant running some randoms. I'll admit that I'm now tired of the new heroics so I qued up for old ones.

I was surprised when I got Zul'Amen. My experiences with the troll dungeons is that currently they're more of a nightmare to finish than when they were the "new" content. My theory is that when they were the top dungeon to run you were more likely to encounter better geared players and more of the group would know the fights. When you have fresh levelers and have to try and explain to everyone every fight things don't go as smoothly. I was lucky in that this group only had one person who needed fights explained and that one of the dps took over explaining so I could stay focused on tanking. I can do both but I tend not to be good at doing both at the same time. Since it was Zul'Amen I figured I'd put in a good effort towards getting the mount and if it happened it'd be awesome but if it didn't no big deal. Thanks to a really awesome hunter and healer we traveled though the dungeon at a nice pace and managed to get the bear mount for the rogue in our group. I was really surprised when we got to the Hex Lord and I saw that one of the mobs was Darkheart. Undead! The priest chained him at the same time that I made him my minion. Apparently being a minion wins out. Darkheart made a really nice pet doing some good damage and since the control lasts for 5 minutes I was able to use him to help kill the last boss as well. I may have a new favorite ability. 

Darkheart and me. BFF for 5 mins.

The next instance I got was Zul'Gurub and I again had a really amazing group and we sped though the place flawlessly and I can't think of any other time where the last boss was killed so easily. It's hard to believe that it was a group of random strangers. 

I did a few more dungeons and finished up running scenarieros on all my alliance 85s. The only 85 I haven't run yet is my hordie Arita but I don't think she's geared enough to go. 

Than my guild master started looking for people to finish up some achievements in 10 man ICC to get the drake. We quickly formed a group of four of us with me calling dibs on being the healer on my Paladin. The guild master Tiernan grabbed his lock and we had Lauralantha a fury/prot warrior, and Riandel an 84 shadow/disc priest. After a check to see what achievements we needed we quickly decided to run regular ICC to make it easier for us. Between all of us there were only 5 achievements that we really needed to get and none of them where the heroic ones. I only needed 2 of them myself, Full House and Been waiting a long time for this.

Marrorgar went down easily and we even picked up boned but getting Full House was more complicated. Our first attempt we ended up wiping because the tank was in the wrong stance and my healing picked up too much aggro. But it was also called because we had some trouble with the adds. The original plan was not to dps her at all until we had the 5 types of cultists needed for the achievement and than burn her into phase 2. But the two of them couldn't burn her quickly enough before she transformed another cultist which changed how many types we had. A quick readjustment of the plan and our tank got himself in the right stance and we had our achievement.

Festergut took two tries as well even though we weren't going for the achievement simply because we couldn't kill him before his stack got too high and killed the tank. A quick change of spec and our warlock was ready to offtank when the tank died and Festergut went down easily.  At Puturicide we needed to pick up Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion which we managed to pick up in one try. We didn't need any achievement in the Crimson Halls but killed those bosses fairly quickly. We needed to pick up portal jockey from Dreamweaver so the priest switched to his healing spec and we both took portals with the warrior picking up the third portal and the warlock being the tank/dps on the outside. 

Sindragosa was more difficult as we needed to get all you can eat from her. The four of us could have killed her but since we were doing an achievement run we where having difficulty getting rid of the stacks of mystic buffet. We eventually managed to pull in two more guildies and the lvl 84 changed to his 85 main to give us more dps. The two guidies we pulled in was a druid Mapleleaf and a mage Teatime. Having Time Warp and the extra dps helped us to just burn the boss down before anyone's stack could reach 5. 

So than the 6 of us headed to the lich king to get I've been waiting a long time for this. Having only two people who could dispel the disease made this fight a little more complicated with trying to stack the disease to 30. When the numbers are low a few ticks of this could be survived but when they start stacking up they could one-shot someone. This wasn't a problem if there were enough ghouls and minions for it to jump to but when there was nothing but the lich king and us it got deadly quickly. After two attempts to try and stack it right from the beginning of the fight we decided to dispel the first one into nothing and let the stack of ghouls build a bit. We had only intended the first one to be dispelled into nothing but we ended up dispelling the first 3 into nothing. But there was a really nice big stack of minions for it to jump to. After it built to 30 we killed the Lich King. 

And I got to enjoy my nice new mount!

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