Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 has been quite a year. Although I can't for the life of me remember what it was I was doing last New Years. Although my deductive reasoning has made me believe I was probably at home not playing WoW because my laptop was getting fixed and my desktop was in my college dorm room. Strange how my laptop isn't staying fixed. I'm going to be taking it in later. At least this time it's not melting. And since I'm a commuter student I'll still have my desktop. Three cheers for awesome parents, empty basement room, and purple, lime green, and teal paint.

As for WoW. Well, I ran raid finder Dragon Soul enough times to become sick of it. Leveled my death knight to 85, geared her up, fell in love, and made her my new main. I also leveled a mage, which was fun and she's a delight to play dress-up with.

I did take a small break from WoW to play a bit of Diablo 3. I took part in the WoW's annual pass. I figured in all the time I've played I've never really taken a break so committing for a year was no big deal. And I wanted the free mount. And since I got the game for free I thought I should at least play it once. I had a bit of fun but the highest level I reached was level 50. I think I just don't understand how the stats worked very well.

The summer was a blast though. I participated in JD's Mogolympics and a few Laid Back Raids, met Shoryl from Tiny Wow Guild and ran dungeons with her and she helped me get my red protodrake. And I started this blog. I'm not completely sure what I'm doing with it but it's been fun nonetheless.

And of course with Pandaria I managed to get my death knight to 90. And she's done raid finder a few times and is in a new guild with the hope of being able to do some raiding. The guild hasn't been able to get the new raids done but we've completed all the cata, wrath, bc, and classic ones. I also finally got my druid Aritâ to 90. She's given up being a bear and is instead running around as a tree. And a cat. I asked her if she wanted to try boomchicken and she gave me a rather nasty dirty look. I'll take that as a no. But I really enjoy feral and it hasn't changed much but I do have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to mangle stuff now.

It feels strange to try and set goals for WoW but I think making a list of stuff will help me from pulling myself in a million directions and focus on the stuff I really do want to accomplish.

1. Get some pets to level 25. I do enjoy pet battling but I seem to be rather slow at it. I'm hoping that having my druid as my dedicated pet handler will help. Although she seems to get distracted by archeology and running dungeons.

2. Level more toons to 90. I want to get my 85's leveled although I'll have to think hard about which one to level next. I'm leaning towards my rogue because I have a pile of lockboxes waiting to be opened. And I have the delusion that this time I'll get leatherworking maxed.

3. Get more professions maxed. While I only have two 90's I've been working on maxing out my professions. I have Blacksmithing, mining, alchemy, enchanting, and Jewelcrafting maxed and I'm working on skinning, Leatherworking, inscription, tailoring, and herbing. I also want to get cooking and fishing maxed out on my druid and my death knight.

4. Have fun! Meet new people, do stuff with old friends, try new things, and enjoy what I'm doing. It's a game after all!

Next week I should have a new who's that pet up.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Winter Veil!

Happy Winter Veil!
From Azilem the Christmas Mage
and Tyledres, the Polar Bear Death Knight

If you're not sure who these two are see my Furtive Father Winter post at Prettyflydraenei
Yes, yes, shameless plug is shameless.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Reindeer!

Would rather not spend any more time inside a wrapped holiday gift box.
The Winter Reindeer can be obtained during the Feast of Winter Veil. Randomly found inside the Gaily Wrapped Present that is available for players to obtain at any time from December 25th to January 1st. These presents are found either in Ironforge or Orgrimar under the tree by Great Father Winter.

Congratulations to Youyankityoutankit for being this weeks winner! You win your choice of a Sea Pony, Fungal Abomination, Chrominius,  Corefire Imp, Mini Mindslayer, or an Untamed Hatchling.
If you could either email me at Tyledres at gmail dot com or post here with what pet you want along with server, faction, and character name I'll get you the pet right away.

Thanks for getting back to me! Chrominius now has a new home.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Who's That Warcraft Pet?

This week I'm offering up a prize to anyone who correctly guesses this pet.
I'm not looking for the first person but will instead randomly pick the winner from anyone who guesses before Saturday, December 22nd at 10 am CST.

So what's this prize?
The winner's choice of either a Sea Pony, Fungal Abomination, Chrominius, 
Corefire Imp, Mini Mindslayer, or an Untamed Hatchling.

I'll ask that the winner email me their choice of pet along with
 a character's name, faction, and server than I can send the pet too.
I'll have the email you can reach me at posted with the winner.

Now I just have to hope someone plays :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Done in Illustrator
Time: about 30 hours (I'm just guessing, it's been quite some time ago)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Here is what I do to kill Razorgore.
On your right is Razorgore and...
To your left you see a mind control orb and some mobs

When you enter BWL Razorgore is the first boss and is in the very first room. To your right is Razorgore on a platform, to your left is another platform with three mobs and the mind control orb, and scattered all around the room are dragon eggs. The goal of this fight is to kill the three mobs and use the orb to take control of Razorgore and use him to destroy all the eggs in the room. While there are eggs still left waves of adds will spawn and either attack Razorgore or you. If Razorgore dies before all the eggs are destroyed he casts an unavoidable explosion that kills everything. If you manage to destroy all the eggs before Razorgore is killed than any mobs still left up will run out, Razorgore's health will reset, and you will no longer control him. If you've reached that point you've basically won the fight.

So how do you win? This is what I do.

Kill them quick!
Get Control of Razorgore before he reaches you
1. Kill the first three adds quickly. You want to get control of Razorgore quickly since you'll have 45 seconds before the first wave of adds spawn. Put those seconds to good use by destroying eggs. You want to have Razorgore mind controlled before he reaches you otherwise he'll cast a disorient that will waste 5 seconds. That doesn't seem like a lot but that's one whole egg you could have destroyed.
Destroy the eggs on your platform
Next destroy the eggs closest to the platform
2. Destroy the eggs on your platform first and then the ones closest to it. Razorgore should be pretty close so you don't have to travel far but most importantly is that when Razorgore is destroying the eggs near you the adds will ignore Razorgore and aggro onto you. 

Keep a watch for mobs aggroed on Razorgore
Break the mind control BEFORE they can hit him
3. Be prepared to break the mind control. Once you destroy the eggs closest to the mind control platform there's a chance that Razorgore will start to get aggro. So be prepared to break the mind control before anything starts to hit him. I use trinkets and cooldowns to break the mind control and then use an aoe before mind controlling again. Basically if something is headed towards Razorgore but hasn't started to whack him yet than breaking the mind control will make it focus on you instead. And it will stay on you even when you go back to controlling Razorgore.
Break the mind control, use an ability or two than back to Razorgore
Exception is to take all the time you need to heal if it's neccesary
4. Stand below the platform where the mind control orb is. This isn't necessary but it does make finding the orb to click easier since your not hunting though a pack of mobs to try and find it.

5. Don't spend too much time not controlling Razorgore. If you're not controlling Razorgore you're not destroying eggs. Yes, you want to break mind control and you will probably be breaking it after destroying one egg very often. But only use one or two gcd's when you break the mind control unless you need more time to heal up. Another reason to not spend much time out of the mind control is that Razorgore can move pretty quickly. If he get's close to you he can disorient you and he's also further from where you left him.

Save the platform on the opposite side of the room for last.
Park and Burn but keep an eye on your health and what's aggroed on Razorgore
6. Get all the eggs in the middle down before getting the eggs on the last platform. The eggs in the middle are the hardest and if you can get all of them destroyed while Razorgore still has a decent amount of health left you should be good. Just keep a watch to make sure Razorgore isn't aggroing a giant batch of mobs and you can just park him and burn down the eggs.

When the last egg is destroyed the mind control break,
mobs run out, and Razorgore heals to full and engages
Success! Razorgore isn't a difficult fight once you get though destroying all the eggs. If you've reached that point you've pretty much won.

Hope these tips are helpful and good luck hunting down Razorgore!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Duplicate Pet Week

It's Tuesday which means another chance to nab the pets needed to get Mr. Bigglesworth. So Tyledres headed off to run her dungeons. Naxx was a bust but AQ40 started on a high note. First pull and the red qiraji mount drops! It's awesome! Why? Because it's Red! :D

In total I had four pets drop but they were all ones I already had. Four pets are a good haul but I do feel a little disappointed not to get at least one more pet knocked off my list. But it gave me a good idea that I'm excited about!

I was a little worried about choosing to give away a sea pony. I guess I'm just worried that people won't have much interest. So I'm changing the prize to the winner's choice of a Sea Pony, Fungal Abomination, Chrominius, Corefire Imp, Mini Mindslayer, or an Untamed Hatchling.

Guess I'll have a good month's worth of pets to give away. Although I do wonder if the raid pets make a decent prize but it's worth a shot to see. I'm also working on a guide for Razorgore that I do hope to get up this week. I feel like I'm doing too much work for it to be Winter Break :P

Monday, December 17, 2012

Guild Achievement Hunting

Yesterday I ran several Wrath raids with my new guild. They were looking to pick up the guild achievements so really wanted to make sure they had eight people and were running the ten-mans even though we could have done the twenty-fives easily.

We started the night by doing a quick 3 drake Obsidian Sanctum and since we were nearby grabbed a heroic Ruby Sanctum run as well. Then we headed to the Eye of Eternity to kill Malygos real quick. Tyledres got an achievement for killing adds while on a disc and that finished up the achievements I needed to get the 10 man Wrath Raids Achievement. Than the raid headed to Onxyia where we ran into our first hurdle. We had entered too many instances and were locked out. So the raid leader called a half hour break and then we went back to slaughtering dragons.

Having finished with the dragons the raid then went to Ulduar. We had a little trouble with 4 tower Flame Leviathan so we went back and killed two of the towers then went and demolished the Leviathan. The rest of Ulduar went quickly but we had a bit of trouble with Yogg. Since we needed to kill him with no keepers to get the guild achievement it wasn't an easy fight. There was a bit of trouble with portals and insanity because most of the raid hadn't seen the fight before. Second time went better but it still wasn't smooth sailing. In the end we did get alone in the darkness and I realized that I was very much alone. I was the last woman standing! And I was fairly low on the sanity as well.

The last stop the raid made was Naxx. Since I had already gone though there on Tyledres I switched to my pally Hortis. Naxx was a breeze and there was several members of the raid afk on autofollow which was pretty funny but the guild still managed to tear the place apart quickly. We saw a bone spider pet drop and one of my new guildies won it. Hopefully it's a sign that I'll start seeing something other than fungal abominations dropping from Naxx.

Most of my guildies were pretty much raided out by this point so the leader called it a night. I logged off and then checked my email for the billionth time to see if I had gotten any new about who my furtive winter veil blogger was. I'm really excited about it! I'm also really nervous. I think I have a really good idea for what I'm doing but my stomach is in knots about if I'll accomplish what I want to get done and if the other person will like it. I'm also so excited to see who has my name and what they'll come up with. I can't wait to start seeing what other people are doing. And then I can stop trying to keep stuff a secret. When things make me this excited I'm the worst secret keeper ever. I don't think I've ever given a gift where the recipient hasn't managed to pry exactly what it is from me. So I should probably stop right there or I'm going to spill the beans.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rewards of moving furniture

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had lost my authenticator and the family motto of "it's only lost until it's replaced or no longer needed." It seems that the motto is still working.

My family lives on a dairy farm and we've recently made the switch to robotic milkers and part of the new addition to the barn is an office above the new milking parlor with a window to watch the feed alley and the free stall barn. It's a really nice office. My family jokes that if there was a kitchen and shower over there we'd  never return to the house at all. Anyway, my mom decided that she wanted to get a new couch for the basement room and she sent the old one over to the barn. Upon moving the old couch several items fell out of the hidey hole my monster of a cat had made for himself. One of these items was my authenticator. I figure I was really lucky it fell out on removal because we had searched my cat's hole in the couch earlier. We had even found two of his collars that I thought were lost for good but no sign of the authenticator. If it hadn't gotten dislodged on moving it could have fallen out anywhere on the trip to the office or even still be lost in the couch.

Now if I could only find my iPod back. XD


"Many a drunken Brewfest goer has told the tale of this mysterious creature, but few remember that tale in the morning."
 The Wolpertinger is a critter pet that can be obtained during Brewfest by completing the quest Catch the Wild started at your faction Brewfest headquarters outside either Orgrimmar or Ironforge.

Big hug and kisses to youyankityoutankit for correctly guessing the name of the pet.

I have a sea pony to give away next week. If you want in than put down the name of the pet and which character and server I can mail you the pet to. If there is more than one person I'll be randoming picking one. The next Whose that pet post will be up Friday morning and you'll have until Saturday at 1 am CST. I'll be posting these rules again on Friday but I wanted to give a heads up about what's coming up.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Busy Night

Navi from The Daily Frostwolf mentioned that I should write step by step how I manage to kill Razorgore but before I did that I wanted to make sure I could kill him on different toons. So I took Arita my 87 night elf druid to BWL. It took two tries but she got him down and she got an Untamed Hatchling! So I figured I'd see if I could get the 2nd boss. She managed to kill Vaelastrasz the Corrupt but she wasn't quick enough to kill him before he put burning adrenaline on her. A quick corpse run back and she cruised though the rest until she got to Chromaggus. When I've been though on Tyledres she kills a lot of stuff and I have more Hourglass sand than I could ever use but Arita stealthed and skipped a lot and I didn't have any Hourglass sand. So Arita got turned into a Chromatic Mutation for 5 minutes. After waiting that out I tried again this time removing one of the brood afflictions that's a curse and in Chromaggus' loot she found a little Chrominius.

Now that I'd done it at 87 I wanted to see if I could do the fight at 85. So I grabbed Hortis my paladin. She's normally a healer so it was a great chance to put the dps set moldering in her bag to good use. It took a few tries but she eventually got Razorgore down. So I than took Hortis and attempted to kill Vaelastrasz who laughed at me as he made my pally take a dirt nap. Twice. The fight wasn't looking very good so I figured that was her limit. When I get her to 90 I could probably managed the fight but currently I can't.

Next I figured I'd go and see if hell had frozen over and I'd won a Brawler's guild invite and after collecting the gold for being outbid I saw a group forming to get the Cata Heroic dungeon achievements. For some reason I thought LBR was on Sunday so I figured running heroics would be a fun way to spend my time. The achievement hunting went really well and the only one we didn't get was Kill it with Fire because it's currently bugged. But it was a fun run with several really cool people from my server.

Who's that Warcraft Pet?

This mythical beastie appears to those who drink enough to get completely smashed.
Who's this Warcraft pet?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Blog Azeroth Share Topic - What raid-drop Pets would you like to see?

This weeks Blog Azeroth Share Topic comes from Effraeti  from Effraeti's RP and says

While running through MC, BWL, AQ40, and Naxx over the weekend, I got to thinking...
If a future patch adds more raid-dropped pets like those introduced in 5.1, what pets would you like to see? What raid and boss would they be available from?
I love this idea! At first I wasn't sure I could think of anything but the more I thought the more ideas I came up with. I'm only doing pets for BC and Wrath raids because it's a lot of different pets to get though. So first up are the Burning Crusade raids.

Burning Crusade


The three bosses I think should drop pets in Kara are The Curator, Netherspite, and the Chess event.

  • The Curatror could drop an arcane guardian magic pet that shares his appearance. 
  • Netherspite could drop a netherdragon that resembles him as well.
  • The Chess event could drop a chess piece. It would have to have a more generic appearance than the pieces Medivh plays with but I think it would be pretty neat. It could be any piece but I'd really like a knight.

Serpentshrine Cavern

Three bosses that could drop a pet are Hydross the Unstable, The Lurker Below, and Morogrim Tidewalker. These pets would just be aquatic pet versions of the bosses.

The Black Temple

The Black Temple has a couple of bosses with great potential for pets but the three I would most like to see are Supremus, High Warlord Naj'entus, and the Reliquary of Souls

  • Supremus would drop a minfernal magic pet with blue coloring like himself.
  • High Warlord Naj'entus would drop a humanoid naga pet that looks similar to him
  • The Reliquary of Souls would drop an undead pet that could changes it's appearance when summoned to one of the three different phases the Reliquary goes though.

Magtheridon and Gruul's Lair

After a bit of thought and some back and forth I figured the last three pets could come from Matheridon's Lair and Gruul's Lair

  • Matheridon would drop a humanoid pit lord pet
  • High King Maulgar from Gruul's Lair would drop a humanoid ogre pet. It could be any ogre model.
  • Gruul would drop a Gronn pet.

Wrath of the Lich King


I have fives bosses I would love to see drop pets in Uld. They are Flame Leviathan, Ignis the Furnace Master, Auriaya, Freya, and General Vezax

  • Flame Leviathan would drop a mechanical pet that looks like the boss
  • Ignis the Furnace Master would drop a magical Iron Construct pet that would change color when pulled across fire and then put into water. 
  • Auriaya would drop a beast pet cat with glowing eyes and the dark metal look to them
  • Freya would drop a magic tree guardian pet
  • General Vezax would drop a humanoid lost ones pet

Trial of the Crusader

The bosses that would drop a pet from this raid would be the Northrend Beasts, Lord Jaraxxus, the Val'kyr Twins, and Anub'arak

  • The Northrend Beasts would drop a Snobold humanoid pet
  • Lord Jaraxxus would drop an elemental Mistress of Pain pet
  • The Val'kry twins would drop a humanoid val'kry pet
  • Anub'arak would drop an undead nerubian pet that could be similar to him or be a different model

Icecrown Citadel

Bosses that would drop a pet in ICC are Lord Marrowgar, Icecrown Gunship, Professor Putricide

  • Lord Marrowgar would drop an undead pet version of himself. This is the one I most want since I imagine it spinning around and yelling "Bone Storm!"
  • Icecrown Gunship would drop a mechanical flying ship.
  • Professor Putricide would drop an undead flesh beast. Festergut and Rotface's little brother Festerface! or maybe it should be Rotgut! hmm...
That's a total of 24 different pets and bosses. I don't know what achievement pets I'd give for collecting them all but it would be pretty fun.

Project plan

I've had this maggoty idea floating around in my brain for a while and since it won't leave I'm going to give it a try. I recently dug out my Pokemon games which got me thinking about the Pokemon cartoon and how during the commercial break they would have these Who's that Pokemon? and then a reveal after the break. So I thought this Saturday I would have my first Who's that Warcraft Pet? and then Sunday shows the reveal. It's not going to be particularly hard but I would love to have people comment and guess. My goal is to put together one of these each week and I'm also thinking about having some prizes but I'm not thinking of anything too big or even all the time, more random. But for this first week the only thing I'm giving away is virtual hugs.  My goal would be to post the first one on Fridays but Saturday at the latest. So hopefully it goes well and people like this project.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

And a fruitless week of hunting

I really want Mr. Bigglesworth. It's a cat, 'nough said. But I also really want to get the other pets too. So I put in another week of trying to get them and I've got zip. Zilch. Nada.

I started in Naxx, went to BWL where Razorgore kicked my butt a few times before I got sweet revenge, and than finished up at AQ40. I didn't go to Molten Core because I had gotten all 3 from there and Tyledres doesn't get much gear for transmogs from Molten Core. Anyway, I hit up all 3 places and they were dry. Nothing. Not even a pet we already had. I than tried to think about what alts I could take though since there's no point in having alts unless you can make them work for you. But all I could really think to do was to take my Shaman Mnementh though AQ40. I don't need the pet from the first boss but from the slime and the twins. I figured Mnem could kill the slime and we could try twins but I didn't expect her to be able to get twins down solo. It pretty much went as expected and no pets for her either. I don't think I can get the twins down on any of my toons other than Ty and while I know there are things you can do to get the frost damage  on classes that don't have frost damage I'm not feeling in the mood to go try. I don't think I have another toon that I want to take though Naxx and I'm not feeling up to trying Razorgore on another yet either. Which just means I have to sit quietly for a week and try again next one.

It wasn't a total bust this week though. Tyledres got Legplates of the Blazing Light as a drop. Now I just have to see if I can put together a transmog set from them.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Raids and pets

I might be soloing but I'm never alone
Last week I attempted to work though the four raids that drop the new pets and managed to get Naxx and Molten core but got stopped at Blackwing Lair. I did put an attempt on AQ40 but the twins kicked my butt and the previous bosses didn't drop a pet. Still I ended the week with 3 of the pets which seemed like a good start.

This week I again started with Naxx. Tyledres managed to get though the place with ease and even Gluth didn't present much trouble. Unfortunately the only pet to drop was the Fungal Abomination which is what I had gotten last week.

Molten Core went quickly and I got the Ashcore pet from there. 3/3 of the Molten Core pets found.

So than I went back to BWL. I've done some more research on this fight and put in several more attempts. Ten of them. On the eleventh one things were going really well. So well that I finally managed to destroy all the eggs! But I didn't get any new pets from BWL.

So I headed to my last stop AQ40. I got a Mindflayer off the first boss and I was pretty excited about continuing my pet hunt. Viscidus died pretty quickly but as a frost dk it's not a difficult fight. Then it was time to attempt the twins. This time I knew which twin was the physical damage one so I was attacking the correct one and I summoned my army and my ghoul and things seemed to be going well. I had him over half-way there when my army started dying and then I noticed that I just couldn't seem to do much damage on him. I wasn't taking enough damage that I worried about dying but I also wasn't doing enough damage to overcome his healing. In fact he was back to full health. Then it hit me. Frost damage. I was a frost death knight and he was ignoring my frost damage. I needed to be using pure physical damage with no magic. And I realized I wouldn't be able to do this fight as frost. So I let myself die and so I could start the fight over as blood. I kept myself in dps gear but did change my weapon. It worked out really well. It wasn't a rapidly quick fight but I was steadly able to burn the boss down. I didn't get a pet but I was still pretty happy at being able to kill the twins.

So at the end of two weeks I've got 5/12 of the new pets and I now know the I can hunt for these pets completely on my own. Although I don't think I'll have any easy time with BWL anytime soon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Greatfather Winter - Blog Azeroth Topic

Noahdeer on Blog Azeroth says:

Winter Veil is around the corner and it's time to sit upon Greatfather Winter's lap and answer the important question, "What do you want for Winter Veil?" Is it that expensive grand expedition yak? a nice transmog custom outfit? or a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock?

What is on your Winter Veil wishlist?

So I present to you my Christmas list.

Dear Greatfather Winter,

I hope you've been doing well. I've been very good this year. Well at least as well as I can be. And I know my wish list will sound a bit like a broken record but what I really want for Winter Viel is a cat. Yes, I know I've asked for a cat since I was old enough to write and after twenty years of waiting I finally broke down and bought my own house cat but hopefully you can make up for all those years of disappointment and therapy by getting me my very own Cinder Kitten! 

Isn't it just adorable! And Fluffy! Well, ok, not fluffy but it's still so adorable and cute. And a cat. That's flaming. In fact, that's all I really want for Winter Viel. Surely that's not too much to ask?  

Thanks so very much,

Monday, December 3, 2012


My new pet :)
For one quest at least
I've been feeling a bit off Wow lately. My guild decided to become a social one and I've found myself at level 90 with nothing much to do. I've been leveling stuff and wandering around but I haven't felt like playing my death knight much. And than I didn't feel like playing my alts much either. So I turned off the game for a bit and tried to think about if I was unhappy with the game or my situation and what I was going to do about it.

I've decided I just wasn't happy with a social guild especially one that wasn't doing any events at all. But I don't think I'm a hardcore raider either. So I've found a casual guild that wants to get into raiding soon. I'm hoping it will work and be a good fit. But I also feel better about playing Tyledres again. I've been running dailies, a few dungeons and even raid finder.

This has only been my third week running raid finder and my first time running the new raids. But these are some really cool fights. And I tend to die a lot. It makes me really glad I'm running as frost instead of blood. But I've noticed something about raid finder loot. I'm way too lucky. I haven't come away from a random raid yet without a piece of loot or three. And I hadn't been using my charms but since I had maxed them out I figured I better get started. I haven't seen much loot from the bonus roll but I did get a repeated item once and I realized I should keep an eye on the loot tables so that I didn't do that again.

During the raid finder I won a token for shoulders and chest so I headed out to pick those up for Tyledres. I really love the tier look for death knights. It's a skirt! Well, robe if you want to be technical but it makes me think about the original armor set that death knights wore. It's nice to see them wearing a skirt again. And the shoulder and helm are amazing! I wasn't sold on them at first but I love the skulls and the little roses on the helm. Well, I don't have the helm yet but I will get one! While I love the look it does feel a little strange to be in a robe and I keep thinking I look something like a warlock. I think it's the bright bit of color at the bottom of the hem that makes me think of warlock tier 8. I suppose it's a good thing I love this set because I still haven't managed to come up with a transmog look that I really want to track down for my death knight.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Old Raids and New Pets

One of my favorite parts about the new patch is the ability to enter raids even if you're just by yourself. No more trying to wrangle guildies into a raid group or messing with a free trial account but instead you can just waltz right into a raid instance. One of my other favorite parts is the introduction of new pets to old raid bosses. I just had to start farming for them right away.

The first place I went to was Naxx. I love Naxx but I think part of that is nostalgia for my first raid. But it's still an amazing place with some really unique bosses. I went to the Construct quarter first because the boss I thought I would have the most trouble with was Gluth. Patch and Grobbulus and Gluth did give me a bit of trouble. I attempted to kill him as frost because I wasn't sure I could do more dps as blood than Gluth healed  but it also meant my survivability wasn't as strong. My first two attempts I didn't kill him but I got close enough I decided to shift a few points in my talents to see if I could get just a little more survivability and dps. It managed to be just enough and was a pretty close fight. The rest of Naxx went fairly well and I got some 'shrooms to drop. A pet 'shroom anyway.

After Naxx I thought I'd take things easy and went to the Molten Core. It went fairly quickly and I managed to gain a Blazing Rune and a Mark of Flames. I was pleasantly surprised to get two pets from one raid and I'm really glad I didn't stop after getting the first pet.

I figured since I was close I'd give Blackwing Lair a try. I wasn't sure if the first boss was possible to solo or not. I've heard it was impossible but that Blizzard had made some nerfs to make it easier to solo so I figured it was worth a try. I headed to the orb and realized I wasn't attuned. So I needed a quick trip to Upper Spire and you can't go to Upper Spire without killing 50 Whelps.

Atunement accomplished I headed into Blackwing Lair and made my first attempt at the first fight.

And than tried again.

And again.

And just once again.

I decided to call it quits for the night. But overall it had been a pretty good run. 3 pets, several achievements, and a nice haul of transmog gear from Naxx.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My family has a saying, "It's only lost until you replace it or it's no longer needed." And lately I've noticed that I seem to have lost quite a few things. My sewing scissors, the installation disc for my printer, my ipod, and most recently my authenticator. I was pretty excited about the new patch but it seems I won't be playing it for awhile. I've done a very though search of my room and it is now incredibly clean but haven't managed to locate it. So I've decided I might as well just begin the process of removing the authenticator from my account. It's supposed to take about 24 hours to 2 days before I'll hear anything more about it from Blizzard.

So I guess I'm stuck watching Doctor Who and sewing and wondering when these items will decide to make a surprise appearance.

Heard back from Blizzard and I'm able to access my account again. Although the authenticator is still missing.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Been awhile

I haven't written in weeks and I keep feeling guilty for not writing so I put it off. Procrastination gets me every time.

I haven't been doing much on my main but have instead made myself another death knight. Three weeks ago I saw that laid-back raid for last Sunday was to be a horde firelands run and I was excited until I remembered that I would have to go as a druid since Arita was my only high level hordie. So I made a death knight. I had a half-baked notion that I would get her leveled in time but I should mention that I don't have any heirlooms on that server. I figured I'd give it a go and if I made it it would be great and if I didn't I'd still have the druid. I'm happy to say that Tyledres made it to lvl 86 in time for the Firelands run. While we didn't get Ragnaros killed we did get to see the fight. It was further than I've been before. And she managed to blow up several times rather splendidly.

So now I can confuse people by being Tyledres the human or Tyledres the undead. The dead undead that went splat. She's still got a few levels to go but I'm not in a rush to get to 90.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

NonWow discussion

I decided I wanted to edit this a little bit. After some thought I realized I had told a tale I wasn't really comfortable telling to a rather unknown audience. So I decided to remove the tale and replace it with a different one.

I didn't play much Wow this week. And when I did I wasn't spending much time on my death knight main. I guess it's a bit of a slump. Instead I've been spending my free time cross-stitching and milking cows.

So a bit about the stitching first. When I was younger my mom taught me how to cross-stitch and it's a hobby I've enjoyed since then. Typically I work on stitching while watching movies, tv, or listening to music and I find it peaceful. But last year when I moved from the dorms back home I put my latest cross-stitch work in a tote and I haven't found it back. Until last week. Finally finding it back I've been obsessed with stitching. And I finally got half-way though the pattern. It's a fantasy sampler and I think it's really gorgeous. There's a lot of mixing threads, quarter stitches, and metallic thread. And the designer of this pattern is one of my favorites as well. The works are so beautiful and detailed. This is my second one of her works that I'm working on. The other was a dragon called the Guardian. It was the second one that I started and it took me more years than I'd care to admit to finish it. The fantasy sampler is coming along much faster because I think I'm better organized, faster, and have a better understanding of what I'm doing.

Fantasy Sampler
The Guardian
My other unusual activity has been milking cows. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this previously so I'll just say that I grew up on a dairy farm. I'm still working on the growing up thing but I haven't had to milk cows much since I started college. It's well known in my family that I don't enjoy milking cows and it's one profession that I've never considered pursuing. So as long as I was spending more time away from home than at it I was exempt from milking. Recently my dad has decided to get robotic milkers which will be amazing but they are still three weeks or so away from being ready to use them. In the meantime we're still milking cows in the old double-eight parlor. Which is fine except that my uncle who does the afternoon milking got injured recently and now my dad is doing both milkings along with my uncle's chores and making sure everything is going well over in the new addition. He's been pretty busy and he's been wanting company for some of the milkings. I think he said there was 50 milkings left. So I've had to help with some of the milkings. I'm more company than help. But one of the things we talked about was all the crazy stuff cows get into. My dad claims a dairy farmer could write a book about their crazy antics and no one would believe it except for another dairy farmer. I'd think he was exaggerating except I was there for some of the stuff that has happened here.

One of the earliest things I remember was the cow who got her head stuck in the truck's wheel. My family had gone to our timber, the hollow,  for a bonfire and we went to explore some caves. One of our pastures is in the hollow and we had a small herd of heifers there that day. When we came back we saw the herd around our truck and one of them was making a lot of noise. And then we saw that her head was stuck in the wheel well. My mom took my older sister and me away so we couldn't watch but it sounded pretty ugly. Thankfully my dad was able to get the heifer's head out without harming either the truck or the cow.

Cows aren't the only troublemakers in the barn. Cats can be as well. One place the barn cats love to hang out is on top of the pipeline over our heads. Usually they'll snooze up there and wait for milk to spill. One cat, however, would fall into a really deep sleep and when he did that he would sometimes fall off the pipe. One time he managed to land on my dad. I'm not sure who was more surprised my dad or the cat. 

And geese are even worse than cats! We found two domestic geese on the farm one day and since no one would claim them as ours we left them alone. One day my dad realized there was only one goose wandering around. He went about his chores and then discovered that the missing goose was stuck in the manure pit. While he was trying to figure out how to get it out the other goose fell in. He grabbed some rope, made a loop, and managed to snag a goose and pull it up and than repeated with the other goose. Both geese made it out unharmed and still as unfriendly as ever.

I've been fairly busy but I think my stitching fever is wearing down and I'll be feeling like playing some more WoW next week.