Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hortis got the quest for the selfie camera today. And she's already mastered the fine art of making funny faces. Her new Fragment of Desire doesn't appear to be approving.

I'm really happy with the new blood elf models for females. I didn't notice the change on my paladin at first. Which is awesome. She moves the same and it's not until I really look at her face and hair that I finally see the changes. I don't like the hair though. The colors all seem off. I spent some time with Tyle to see the changes for her and she now looks really pale... Ok... she's always been pale. Maybe I've just gotten used to my pally who has more color. But the hair really bothers me. It just doesn't look right on either of my blood elves. Oh well, Hortis thinks she looks great. She thinks being able to take on all the raids I'm sending her to for pet gathering means she's strong. I'd hate to disillusion her, silly healer.