Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stitched Pup!

When Gluth died to a band of brave adventurers, these lil' guys 
were found in the corpse, gnawing on giant, undead bones.

Gluth's Bone is a drop from Gluth in Naxxarmas that will 
teach the player to summon a Stitched Pup.

Grats to Askevar for getting the correct guess!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Furtive Father Winter! Round Three!

Round 3: Wordsearch

Which of the words below isn’t in the wordsearch?
Rusty Cage
Safari Hat

Puzzle was brought to you by Jojo as part of a Furtive Father Winter present

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Furtive Father Winter! Round Two!

Round 2: Colour Inverts

Can you name the pets in the colour inverted pictures below?

Puzzle was brought to you by Jojo as part of a Furtive Father Winter present

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Furtive Father Winter Gift! Round One

I was pretty shocked when I checked my mail to see I had an email from Jojo from Admiring Azeroth and extremely happy when I opened it to see this:

Hi Tyledres!

Earlier in the week I received an email from Aka (Red Cow Rise) asking if anyone who had
participated in Blog Azeroth’s Furtive Father Winter was willing to do a second gift for someone who
hasn’t received one (yet). I replied saying I was sure I could get something sorted and I later got a
reply to say that my gift recipient was you!

I started following your blog just before Christmas and absolutely love your “Who’s that Warcraft
Pet?” mini-competitions. It made me think that you don’t get to play the game as you’re the
one creating it. So, I thought I would make my own version for you to play and hopefully enjoy! I
haven’t straight up copied your game concept (partially due to not knowing how you create such
perfect silhouettes) but have instead made more of a quiz. All the pictures used are taken from

Hope you enjoy the quiz!

And the best part? Three different puzzles! I'll have to not cheat and avoid looking at the answer sheet :D

I thought maybe I'd stretch this out a bit and I'll post the first round today, 2nd round tomorrow, and last round on Monday with the answers being up on Tuesday.

Round 1: Hybrid Animals

Some weird things have been happening in Azeroth recently and it seems that some animals have 
mated to produce these hybrids. Can you name the parents?

A – Two flying animals from Northern Stranglethorn produced this:

B – This silent yet slimey guy can be found in the Dread Wastes:

C – Three pets (from Sholazar Basin) make this Sharprotoad:

Fel Flame!

Born from demonic magic, these petulant little entities corrupt everything they touch with foul energies.

The Fel Flame is a capturable elemental pet found in the Shadowmoon Valley.

Grats and a big hug to Jojo from Admiring Azeroth for guessing correctly!

And a thanks to Navi from The Daily Frostwolf for playing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Navi Poem

I found this comment hidden away on one of my posts:

I can't find your email on the blog Tyledres, so this seems like a good place for the poem I wrote for you :)

Tyledres is my hero coz
She solos Razorgore
She even wrote a handy guide
So everyone can score!

I hope she gets her undead cat
And raid pets drop real soon.
I tried to help her out but she's
An honest kind of toon.

A Navi-poem! It's like it's my birthday or something! Wait... hell it is! Yay! If I have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning then it's nice to find a little surprise hidden in my blog. It's even more awesome because the time post on it says I got it just as I started my last run for those raid pets. Lucky me, lucky me!


Part of A secret gift for Navi
Colored pencil and pen
Time: about 3 hours (another guess)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Raiding with Leashes!

I began my weekly pet raid runs this week with just two pets left to get. One of the pets was in Naxx and the other was in AQ.

I started the night in Naxx and headed though the spider quarter first. And Bam! Bone Spider!

I figured being so close I'd be pretty tempted to buy the last pet but I managed to talk myself into trying to get it to drop first. I figured things would look better when the first trash pull didn't drop a red crystal mount. The last three times my death knight has been though that mount has dropped but no pets except the mini mindslayer. In fact the last two weeks I've gotten four of those red mount drops. It's probably a meaningless pattern but it wasn't feeling like one. I thought I might have used up all my luck when I got another Viscidious Globule drop but after killing the twins I found an anubisith idol!

So I finally got the achievement Raiding with Leashes and more importantly Mr. Bigglesworth! Finally done!

Mortal Kombat!

This week the Survivor challenge was to create a Mortal Kombat look-alike outfit. I might not be competing anymore but I really wanted to give it a shot. My "research" pretty much just involved looking up Mortal Kombat on Wikipedia and seeing what the character's names were, looking up the characters, then seeing which images I thought could be replicated and caught my interest. I managed to narrow my selection down to four although I'm not overly wild about any of these mogs.

Sonya Blade

My one attempt at a female fighter was Sonya Blade. She looks pretty tough and that top reminded me right away of a leather chestpiece. I think it's a decent looking mog for any leatherwearers.
She's wearing Fizzle's Vest, Parasitic Bands, Dark Leather Pants, Bandit Boots, Imposing Belt, Morra's Gloves, and Taunt Dragonhide Spaulders

I saw blue eyes and immediately thought death knight. I suppose the powers don't really work very well for imitating Raiden but it works well for looks. Although I thought those boots were bluer than they actually are...
He's wearing Field Plate Armor, Leggings of the Fallen Crusader, August Celestrials Tabard, Rock Furrow Boots, Patroller's Girdle of Endless Spring, Rockwurm Plate Handguards, Straw Hat, Overlord's Spaulders

As soon as I saw a blindfold on Kenshi I knew this look had to be done in leather. While it's the wrong color it's the only blindfold in-game for players to wear. The chestpiece also presented a challenge since there's a layered look to it with a sash across it. So I went with something I felt the character might consider using. I think the look is pretty decent but I'm not too found of the shoulder. The only match for the one shoulder look weren't the right color so I went with the darkest one I could find. 

I thought Scorpion would be interesting to replicate in rogue gear. There are other options you can use for a tabard if this one is difficult to obtain. And if you'd rather a hood and mask even though it loses the golden color there is one available that's mostly black.
He's wearing Nightshade Tunic, Leggings of Assassination, Tabard of the Defender, Felboar Hide Shoes, Stalkers Cord of Eternal Autumn, Metalworking Gloves, Valorous Bonesythe Helmet, Nightshade Spaulders

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blank Screen of Doom

So tonight was an alliance Laid Back Raid and I was looking forward to running some raids on my little mage.

First dungeons goes well and Azilem even wins a chestpiece and the raid starts flying to Gruul's Lair for the next raid. My mage has slow flying so she got a summon. I clicked accept for the summon and see this

A blank screen. Beautiful. I waited a bit to see if it would fix itself but nope. So I attempted to close WoW and restart it. Nada. Reset the internet. Still nothing. Restart the computer. Run around trying to find the password for the other internet. Finally get in.

They're now in SSC and I think about to do the Lurker. And they send me a summon. And I get the blank screen again.

Become very frustrated. The cat wakes up and glares at me. He goes back to sleep on his stolen pillow. I don't think I'm getting it back tonight. Restart Wow, Restart computer, Log back in. Decide I don't think I want to raid since I'm now pretty frustrated. Apologize to the raid. Explain that I think I'm not going to raid. Get blank screen of doom again.

Decide that I would rather stitch and watch Netflix tonight than mess with WoW again.

Think maybe I should have a bit of an explanation and apology to everyone who waited for me.
Write this post.

I'm really sorry everyone for my wonky computer troubles. Hopefully it will be better behaved next week.

Cool Toys

I've been on a mogging kick lately. I've gotten my priest, mage, and paladin decked out in new mogs and am currently working on a rogue mog. And one of the pieces that I want drops from Heroic Magisters' Terrace. Three runs so far and I haven't seen them yet. I'd like to post about my new mogs when I get the rogue one assembled but maybe I should just go ahead anyway although it would be after the Mortal Kombat ones.

While Magisters' Terrace hasn't given me the gear that I'm looking for yet, I did get two really nice goodies. Orb of the Sin'dorei and a Phoenix Hatchling!

He's so cute!
 Now I have all the cool items from Magisters' Terrace! "But what about the White Hawkstrider?: you might ask. I've had that long before I ever completed Magister's Terrace for the first time. It dropped from a loot bag Tyledres got for tanking an Hour of Twilight Dungeon.

I'm not sure which was more shocking:
Getting a mount or getting a loot bag
So I had to take a picture of my rogue with all her lovely Magisters' Terrace goodies
My elf can turn into an elf XD

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Runs with Shoryl

On Tuesday I got a whisper from Shoryl who was on her hunter Breige asking if I'd want to run some heroics when she reached level 90. What kind of question is that? Oh, course I would! She said it would be a bit so I figured I'd get my weekly hunt for raid pets done and Tyledres managed to snag a Stitched Pup! Only two more left! I'm going to have to stay away from the auction house because that achievement is calling my name.

Once Breige reached 90 and managed to get her ilvl high enough to run heroics we set out. Shoryl wrote a pretty good post about that over on her blog. We ran three dungeons and had a few mishaps such as me running and pulling the first boss with only one dps. I now have complete confidence in my survivability as a tank. Those runs definitely helped to give me a big head.

On Wednesday, Shoryl thought she'd restart her Laid Back Dungeons and since it was just her and me we did heroics again. And first up was Gate of the Setting Sun. I waited for the whole group this time. Although I did a number on the group during the Commander Ri'mok fight. I've yet to figure out a way of doing that fight smoothly. It annoys me that there's really no point in the fight where I can stand still, it's move him out of the green puddles, get out of his cleave, and catch all the adds that spawn and repeat. In the end I just have one ugly mess.

The next dungeon we got was Scarlet Monastery and we had a really amazing priest healer. When I messed up the pulls getting into the Catherdral she somehow managed to prevent a wipe and said next time I should los those pulls. Oops. I suppose that makes sense. For the last boss we decided to go for the achievement And Stay Dead. I'd managed to get it before so I knew it was going to be lots of damage on me so I unglyphed my army of the dead. As soon as the boss started casting her mass rez I started summoning my army. It was glorious! I didn't take much damage from all those adds and I managed to impress our healer! She thought it was a smart idea and I told her I had to redeem myself from those awful pulls somehow.

The whole group stuck together for one last heroic and we got Shado-Pan Monastery. I was a disaster and a half on that last run. I really can't remember the last time I tanked this dungeon. I suppose I've been running as dps more often than tank. The amazing healer managed to get our group to the last boss without too much trouble but we did wipe on the first attempt at the boss. Someone managed to pull a group of adds during the boss fight and it was too much to get though especially since the adds won't die without having the floating bodies clicked. The second attempt went much better but I was glad to call it a night after that last run.

Friday I was attempting to gather the pieces I needed for a new transmog for my rogue when I got a whisper asking if there was any strategy needed to kill Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. The only answer I had was pure dps to burn him before he burned you. Since Shoryl was on her tanking Paladin Gurdid I figured that would be difficult so I asked if she'd like me to join her. She agreed so I finished up what my rogue had been doing and then switched to my druid and headed to BWL. While we got Vaelastrasz down it wasn't soon enough to avoid Gurdid getting the debuff and dying. The run went smoothly and she had both a Death Talon Whelpguard and Chrominus drop. The only downside to having more than one person in BWL is on Nefarion since he mind controls. He snagged my druid for a new minion and stun-locked Grudid down. Ouch. I rezed her and the rest of the fight went well but I sure felt embarrassed about that.

We also did some exchanging of pets. I'd gotten another Mini Mindslayer and Viscidious Globule from my pet runs so I offered than to Shoryl and she offered me some pets that she had extra of. So I got a new clockwork gnome and a Snarly!

So now it's back to hunting down Rogue transmog gear.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A bit blue

Today hasn't been my greatest day. The weather was dreary today with rain making sure there was some really slick ice outside. But I knew the terrible weather was coming when I woke up a few nights ago with one rather bloody nose. Nah, what really stank about today was that my laptop finally gave out a distress signal I could no longer ignore. It wouldn't charge. So took it in to be fixed and I'm stuck with my desktop. I like my desktop, really, it's just not mobile and I don't have a good chair. I sit for more than a few minutes on it and my butt and back start complaining. I was also pretty excited that the results of the Surivorer challenge would be released but RNG wasn't being my friend either and I was in the first batch to be eliminated. But I do feel relieved that I won't have to make a Mortal Kombat outfit. All I know about that game is that it involves fighting or something. For some reason all I can come up with is Legend of Zelda's Link and Shiek. Since I'm rather positive they're in Super Smash Brothers not Mortal Kombat I feel I'd have a rather poor chance of doing well XD All well, next week school will be starting and I'll be too busy with homework to be doing anything anyway.

Oh! Did want to add that I'm not going to be doing a Who's that pet this week because all of the files I had for that where on my laptop. Since it's now Friday just a little past midnight for me (who needs sleep anyways) I'm not going to be able to throw one together soon enough. But I'll get started so there will be one next week.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Huntard Rant

The Blog Azeroth Share topic had me thinking about my favorite toons and while thinking about them I decided I should go play them since it's usually fun to run around on them.

Strangely my favorite toons are low level tanks. 20-50ish range although there is a hunter in the 40's range as well. But while I was running dungeons I've noticed a disturbing pattern. Hunters are a pain in the ass.

My Paladin Blood Elf Hortis.
Finally wearing a pair of pants instead of a bikini
My first dungeon on my lowbie paladin and the hunter is pulling before the healer even zones in and I haven't even managed to grab a quest yet. Yech. I figured it was just impatient dps and my usual solution to that is to chain-pull like a mad woman. It usually works well and the next dungeon I run I can go slower. Today I had Zul'Farak and at the first intersection I took a right. Skipped the pull that everyone skips and started pulling the trash before the first boss. Unfortunately when I chain-pull I can't keep as good on an eye on the group to watch for stragglers and extra pulls or other weird stuff. So while I was making a bee-line to the right the hunter was heading left and pulling stuff. And the healer went with him. My group was fine but the healer and hunter both wiped. I felt bad about that but the healer rezed and joined up with us while the hunter seemed to have trouble making his way to us. Apparently stuff kept killing him. I think part of the problem was his pull-happy trigger finger. Maybe he was a newbie and I should have given him some more care...

Well not all dungeons are a bed of roses so I ran another random dungeon. And I got a hunter again. Sure fine, whatever. This one wasn't pull happy at least but their pet had growl on and despite requests to turn it off it still kept taunting everything. I do have one question though, do hunter pet's have a smaller cooldown on their taunt? I swear the stupid things would taunt twice to my once. I'd give up after awhile and just use my threat to pull it off. It's amazing how much threat I can generate.

Intended to be a temporary toon to check out the server
Brewmaster Draenei Monk is a blast! 
Maybe it's just an off-night for the horde? Time to dig out my little Draenei monk. And I get a hunter. Again. Eff it. And this hunter is both pull-happy and with a growling pet. Begins to bang head on wall. Why? Why? Why? Is it really that hard? Are the lower levels just abnormally full of terrible hunters today?

Strangely enough it's made me think about some of the groups I've run as a tank on Tyledres. She's been running into hunter troubles too. Namely growl-happy pets. I get that people are out questing and I'll kindly remind you that your pet has a taunt on. But I'll only be nice about it if you then do something about it. Hell, I've attempted to tank the first trash pulls without a presence and without righteous fury on a paladin. I understand that you forgot. But you've been reminded. Do something about it. I hate running a whole dungeon fighting with a stupid hunter pet for aggro.

And Stampede! I hate that ability. I think of it as the new Army of the Dead because when a hunter summons their entire stable of pets it does look cool and does some damage but all of them taunt. An unglyphed army in a dungeon is a giant no-no and if other tanks won't tolerate it why should I tolerate your stable of pets charging out and taunting off me?

I don't think all hunters are bad. Really, I don't. Some are even really awesome. It's just seems that I can't run into a good one today and they've managed to hit all of my nerves.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Survival Transmog

It's time to begin the new year right with a new transmog contest and JD from Amature Azerothian has just the thing with his Amazing Transmog Survivor Challenge. Since we're allowed to post our entries except for the very last challenge if your still in the competition I present to you my entry.

Har'oka Shaman!

I'm really happy with him. He looks like one troll who'd kick Nass and take Manes. Oh, wait, that's Ebon Blade not Har'oka. I really wanted to make a troll since I felt it'd be more likely for a Har'oka disciple to be a troll since she is a Loa spirit, god, whatever. I decided to make a set in cloth, leather, mail, and plate and choose the one I liked best. I really wanted to remember the theme this time while choosing which outfit to submit. This is the one I thought worked best. Although... it looks cool but I don't think it'd be easy to track down.

He's wearing:
Windfury Harness, Ghost Iron Staff, Vicious Gladiator's Ringmail Leggings, Lifecycle Waistguard, Banded Chain Gloves, and Malevolent Gladiator's Mail Spaulders

I also decided to show my rejected looks. They still look pretty neat I just didn't feel they fit the theme quite as well as the shaman set did.

Har'oka Warlock!
My original thought was that Har'oka's disciples had turned on her and so they should have a bit of an evil vibe. Plus I really love those robes. They have this glow to them that reminded me of Har'oka but they just aren't quite the right color. And you really can't get around him being evil. And a warlock. Warlock's just don't seem like the type to worship anything but power.

He's wearing:
Robes of the Umbral Brute, Inscribed Tiger Staff, Tooth-marked Girdle, Gloves of Creation, Bad Mojo Mask, and Dreadful Gladiator's Felweave Amice

Druid First Attempt
I made two attempts at a leather outfit because I really didn't like this one as well as the other outfits I put together. It didn't come together quite as well as I'd hoped but I like how well the colors of the shoulders and pants works together. Ah well.

He's wearing:
White Leather Jerkin, Inscribed Tiger Staff, Leggings of the Awakening, Gatekeeper Threads, Belt of Pale Thorns, Ghostwalker Gloves, Big Voodoo Mask, Branches of the Cycle

Druid 2
I liked this attempt better and while I like the color of the kilt it doesn't feel like it's primitive Voodoo. But I'm pretty happy with the top half.

He's wearing:
Trickster's Vest, Ghost Iron Staff, Kurenai Kilt, Dreadful Gladiator's Waistband of Cruelty, Greyshadow Gloves, Landlubber Headband, Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders

Har'oka Warrior
I love how this set looks although by the time I was looking for weapons I realized this set wouldn't be what I was submitting so I just threw on a random mace. I was surprised to realize that none of these pieces are part of the same set since they came together so well. It's a nice warrior look but it doesn't say "Worshipper of a Cat God."

He's wearing :
Parcel Bearer's Breastplate, Gao's Keg Tapper, Voice of Reason, Relentless Gladiator's Plate Legguards, Redsteel Boots, Patroller's Girdle of Endless Spring, Gauntlets of Battle Command, Helm of Serendipity, Cataclymisc Gladiator's Plate Shoulderguards

Fluxfire Feline!

Originally created by the engineers in the bowels of Gnomergon, the Fluxfire Feline is a marvel of modern engineering.
The Fluxfire Feline is a catchable mechanicle pet found in the gnome starting area.

Big hugs for Navimie and Youyankityoutankit.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Who's that warcraft pet?

This pet is found in Gnomergon

Razorgore Test Video and More Pets

Navi suggested using FRAPS to make a video about Razorgore so I decided to give it a try. And I was pretty happy there was a free version. Although I didn't realize that it's only record 30 seconds at first. I had already taken Tyledres though so I thought I'd use Aritâ to make the video. Unfortunately all I have is buffing up before the pull. Oops. Since the boss was already dead I finished up Black Wing Lair and the last pet I needed from there dropped.

Since Aritâ's at 90 now I thought I'd take her though Naxx and AQ as well. She didn't get any pets from Naxx but she did get the slime pet. Just three pets left to go!

I still really want to try with the video so I took my 85 Paladin Hortis to BWL. My first attempt I forgot to record but since I also hit the wrong bubble, dropped aggro, and Razorgore got creamed I had another try. After removing the bubble from my action bar I gave it another try. The video starts well but then things went downhill. I couldn't seem to get a good spot to aoe the trash on me and I kept locking myself out of Razorgore. I also ended up damaging Razorgore as well. Just a lot of little stuff that really added up to destroy that attempt. But I thought seeing what I meant about having to break the mind controls would help a bit. But the last part is really choppy. I'm going to have to see if I can find a timer that I can set at 30 seconds so I can focus on the fight and not on making sure I'm recording.

Posting this is more a test for me to see if I can figure out how to put together a movie and how to post it. There is no sound though. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out and try a video again next week. Although, holy cow did that take forever to load. Hope it doesn't take too long to load up for watching.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I've been Navi-spammed!

New Year's day I was spending time on WoW playing with mogit and I decided to see if I could catch Navi from the Daily Frostwolf on. I really admire her for tracking down all these bloggers, chatting with them, and getting screenshots. It definitely looked like a lot of fun and the few times I've met her in JD's LBR's she's been really cool. So I really wanted to meet her.

And I was really surprised to see her online! After working up some nerve I finally managed to say "hi." I was pretty excited that Navi immediately came out to Silvermoon City and told me how excited she was to have me come visit. She also told me that she'd been trying to track me down. And she'd named a pet after me! A water elemental! 

On my server she showed me some really fabulous pets such as tyrael's hilt, murkablo, and the dragon kite. She said the kite was supposed to change colors but it wasn't working. She was bummed that the color change had gone away but she should be happy to learn that the patch 5.2 notes says:
Pets whose color schemes change each time they are summoned have returned. Older pets with this behavior now have it back, as well as some newcomers.
It was definitely fun to get to meet Navi! Although spaz that I am I forgot to take screenshots.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday WoW Play Update

Been awhile since I've updated about what I've been up to in WoW and I've been up to a bunch of different things. Warning! Long post ahead!

I've been in my new guild for a few weeks now and I've noticed some things that I'm really happy about. First there's a ton of people in guild. Leveling, pvping, grouping, etc. and there seems to be guild chatter going on. I've been a bit shy about joining in but it's nice to be in such a vocal and active group. The other thing I've noticed is the officers are setting up guild runs.

The guild would like to start raiding the MoP raids but we don't have enough geared people with interest to accomplish those goals yet but last week we did put in some attempts on the dogs. The tanks got some good practice with the swaps but it mostly came down to just not being geared enough. So the run was called after a few attempts and we went to get some more guild achievements runs done.

The first place we hit was Firelands and it gave us a lot of trouble. Most of the group hadn't been there before and the mechanics in Firelands are brutal. You can't brute force your way though most of the fights. We finished about half of the raid before calling it a night.

We came back the next day and finished up pretty quickly with renewed energy.

Since that didn't take much time we went to Dragon Soul. Dragon Soul was laughably easy. The only trouble we had was spine because we had people zerging all the tentacles at first and the agalomations before we managed to get them to stop. The raid leader was also a bit confused about how the fight was supposed to work but we managed to muddle our way though. The last fight went well and the guild got the achievement and many of the group got the new title Destroyer's End.

Since the night was still early and I had achievements on my brain I thought I'd head back to Lost City and see if I could snag the Kill it with Fire, the last achievement I needed for Cata Glory of the Hero. I suppose if I had thought about it I wouldn't have tried it by myself but I got there and was heading for the boss when I realized this might not be doable. But since I was there I figured I'd give it a look. My first attempt I thought it might be possible but I did wipe. Second try I paid more attention to my health and snagged the achievement.

Pink Volcanic Stone Drake!

It was still pretty early yet so I actually did some dailies. And I managed to reach exalted with my third MoP Rep. Golden Lotus!

Guess I should get to work on those other reps. like Cloud Dragons.  I like how having the secondary professions gives you extra dailies. Tyledres is becoming quite the fisherwoman. Her skills only at 300 but she's working on it.

I've been spending quite a bit of my WoW time playing Aritâ, my new 90 druid. She's been flying around the world searching for artifacts and pets when she's not inflicting her heals on random dungeons groups.

I really enjoy playing resto again and admiring Arita's mog when she's not bouncing around in tree form. I should dig her Dartol's Rod of Transformation out of the bank so I can run some dungeons as a healing furbolg. She even got a new achievement for her healing! Ok, that was more the group was awesome than that I was healing but it's still pretty cool.

With the pet battling she's finally managed to catch one of each type of pet and...

 ... And she's managed to catch 50 rares! And not a one of them is over level 16. Yet.

Last year ended with JD posting about a new transmog contest so I took Aritâ out to Zul Drak to visit Har'oka and begin planning an outfit to enter. I plan to post about my entry later on along with a few of the options I considered and discarded.

The new year started pretty well and I actually took Tyledres down to the Tillers again where she finally managed to make a friend. Jogu the Drunk. He's such a great friend he gave me booze.

I also made a new WoW friend. I was on earlier than usual for me so I thought I'd see if this person was on. And Holy Smokes they were! Spaz that I am I forgot to take pictures. Ah well. Was still pretty cool. Although I will keep secret on who this person is for a bit longer.

At about Midnight the guild got together a group to run LFR. Tyledres won her 4th belt. Wonder if Blizzard thinks my DK's pants are falling down. She also won a 1-handed weapon. If I can get another I can use my amazing axe for blood and go back to DW frost. When I first got the axe I was a little reluctant to relearn frost but it was more like remembering frost from Cata.

Before the guild runs I'd been at the Black Market Auction house trying to snag an invitation. The prices have finally gone down to a point where I feel like I can buy one. Although I did recently buy a crimson whelpling for twice what I bought that invitation for. Arita wouldn't leave Wetlands without one. Having moved over 5000 wool, linen, and silk cloth along with a slew of greens I figured she came pretty close to making the 9000 gold she spent on that dragon.

But 4500 gold later and I was the proud owner of a Invitation to the Brawler's Guild

Which meant I had to stay up even later so I could get this. 

Looks like I'll be keeping pretty busy in the new year. Guild runs, Brawler's Guild, Pet Battles, Contests, and, of course, all the wonderful peoplel that I've gotten to meet.