Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Accomplishing goals

I guess I don't have to worry about posting too much. Whoops. I kept thinking about stuff but thinking isn't doing.

But I've gotten several of my nebulous, unwritten wow goals accomplished this past month.

First off I've managed to figure out how to level pets on the pandarian trainers. I have no hope I'll ever catch up to others who have been pet battling for much longer. But I'm enjoying it now. I also managed to get the many pets leveled to complete the celestial tournament. This week has been my third week beating it. I'm pretty stoked about it. I did a lot of prep work for the tournament, making spreadsheets of the pet teams used by different strats from different guides and than piecing together the teams that I had the pets for and than making a list of what pets I still needed to level. I than checked to see what trainers were up that week and made sure all the pets I needed for that strat and the celestial bosses were leveled first.

 And I was really happy to finally get my first celestial pet. It was the cat one of course.

I've also done some hunting on OpenRaid for a group on Saturdays to try and get my infusions. I've found a group that gets all achievements and will do infusions but my connection was spotty the first night so I didn't want to waste the groups time trying to get the blood infusion and last Saturday I wasn't able to attend. I'll have to keep trying and at least it's a really nice group. And I did get the last achievements I needed for the 25 man drake.

My level 70 twink druid has been doing pretty well. The guild has just been running Kara because they're still trying to build the rosters. When I first started with them there was maybe 3 people running Kara but there's usually 6-8 people in the raids now. There's hope that we'll soon be able to start on the next raid.
I'm at the point where my druid has all the Kara gear she could want. There's only really two pieces she needs but what she has is fine. When I was recruited the guild had plenty of people to be healers and tanks so they were just looking for dps. And feral dps is pretty decent but now they are starting to look for tanks. Unfortunately the guild leader decided that guardian druids weren't going to be allowed because that spec didn't exist back in BC. Instead druids will have to tank as feral. I've done some tanking and I have to say I'm a squishy and the crits those bosses make are no joke. So I'm working on leveling up a paladin. But in the meantime, my druid is looking pretty sweet though.

Spoiled Milk's has been plugging along with our raiding. Last week we downed Dark Shaman and Nazgrim. It's still in a muddle about what we're doing. We wanted to raid Tue, Wed, and Fri but unfortunately there's many who can't make it on Fri so we've been finding pugs to finish the runs on normal. There's some fuss about not continuing to work on heroics on Friday but it doesn't work out. It has been decided that every other week we'd extend our lock-outs and try to get more work on bosses instead of wearing ourselves out trying to make it back to our starting point. There's been some grumbling about that but there's only so much that can be done. I don't know how it happened but I've found myself promoted and put in charge of the guild bank. /sigh. Oh well, I have some ideas but I need to get the guild leader and other officers in on them before I mess around with stuff. But I did remove and vendor any grey items I found in the guild bank and organized it. I've only kept track of all the gold that's gone in and out of the bank. It's been fascinating to see who is using the repairs and how often. As to what I'm going to do about that... who knows. I think my role is one that I'm going to have to carve out myself. Scary thought that.

Finally, on a last, note. I've gotten a new mount! It's one I've wanted since Wrath. I was very excited when I realized I had the gold to finally get the final pieces for the crafting of my brand new Mechano-hog! Horray!