Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Days of Pet Battling - Day 4

Day 4: What was the most epic pet battles/capture you ever had?

My most epic pet battle was when I discovered the legendary pets. I was working on my Operation:Shieldwall dailies and I saw a strange paw print on my map. I landed and saw Skitterer Xi'a. I thought he would be an interesting pet to try and catch so I started the battle. I was surprised to see that the pet was alone and then I saw his health. I quickly switched to my Grell and began the battle. After my Grell died the rest of my team quickly fell but I was really close and I realized the pet couldn't be caught. But I really wanted to beat it. So I healed my pets and decided to try again. This time I started with my Fel Flame and then my Lil' Deathwing to get as much damage done to Xi'a as possible. The Fel Flame died pretty quickly but Deathwing almost managed to eliminate all of Xi'a's health. But eventually my Lil' Deathwing was eliminated and all that was left was my Grell. And I managed to beat Skitterer Xi'a! And got a lousy few charms. I haven't battled another legendary pet since. I feel that I should finish battling all the pet trainers first.

20 Days of Blogging - Day 12

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

It's been so long since I've had a usual regular day that I'm not sure I can remember what a regular day is. So instead I'll explain about my life as a bum waiting to hear from doctors about what is going on.

Let's see. Lately it's consisted of waking up to realize my back hurts from sleeping on the floor. I then nag my  dad about fixing my bed. He tells me he is working on it. I figure I'm going to see if the couch is more comfortable than the chair, bed, or whatever it was I was trying to sleep on last night. My family then goes to get lunch unless it's a Sunday. Sunday's are different. My family goes to brunch after church and to get brunch you have to go to church. However, the last three weeks my older sister has been bringing home donuts and sharing them. It seems wrong because she's my sister and I expect her to try to kill me not share donuts with me. Where was I? Lunch. My family gets lunch. And depending on the day we sometimes drop animals off at the sales barn, go to a hay auction, or get supplies that are needed on the farm. When I'm at home I just try to keep myself busy. I write, watch movies, cross-stitch, read, and play video games. And wait. And wait. And hope to hear something from the doctors. Finally it gets so late that I attempt to fall asleep. Only I realize it's too hot and I turn the fan on. But I'm still uncomfortable. I shift around until I finally manage to either go to sleep or give up, grab some pillows and move to the floor. The day then repeats.

Yeah... Boring and dull.

Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Days of Pet Battling - Day 3

Day 3: Who is your favourite pet? If you could bring it out into the real world, tell me what you imagine you would be doing.

How can I pick just one as a favorite? Well, the one that I would most like to bring into the real world is the Feline Familiar.
Yes, it's a cat. With glowing eyes and a hat. It's magical and perfect. I've named my Tuttle. There's a bit of a story behind the name.

My real cat is a grey tabby that I've named Radar after a character from the tv show M.A.S.H.  When I spent some time in the college dorms and my family teased me about not having my cat with me.  So I made up an imaginary black cat that was absolutely perfect and since he was invisible he was the perfect cat to take into a dorm room. But my cat needed a name. Thankfully my mom was watching the first season of  M.A.S.H. and we reached one of my favorite episodes called "Tuttle" and the plot involved Hawkeye's invisible friend Tuttle. Tuttle happened to be rather perfect which also made the name perfect for my invisible cat. When WoW allowed for players to name their pets I named one of my tabby cats Radar and I knew the Feline Familiar was the perfect cat to name Tuttle. If any cat could turn invisible it would be that cat.

20 Days of Blogging - Day 11

Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws

Oh boy. Bad habits and flaws... This post could go on forever.

Let's see. I'm a rather negative person when referring to myself. I've been told that no one is harder on me than I am and they can't quite understand why I'm so negative since I'm so smart and talented. It made me blush and to tell the truth I really didn't feel that I was as smart and talented as they said I was. Which rather made that person's point.

Other flaws. Hmm... Well. I'm a procrastinator. XD. I either get stuff done right away or it takes me forever to get something done. More often than not it's so easy to put stuff off.

How about a WoW flaw? I'm a keyboard turner and a clicker. I do use some macros but I'm terrible about turning with my mouse. Maybe if I got used to it I would be faster if I would break my bad habits but I haven't had any complaints about being too slow or doing terrible dps or being a bad tank or healer. Maybe I should change but... I don't know, it's been working for me.

That leads me to another flaw. I'm stubborn and I'm sometimes resistant to change. How stubborn am I? Very. For punishment my mom used to make me go sit in the toy room. She would then leave and go back to what she was doing. Because I was punished and it wasn't my idea to be in the toy room I would sit and pout in a corner and not touch any of the toys. I even remember my mom coming back and asking if I was ready to behave now and my yelling back to leave me alone. Another example of how stubborn I am involved going out to lunch or supper with my family. When I was younger the only place I wanted to go was McDonalds. And if my family went to someplace else I usually refused to even go inside the restaurant and spent the time in the car pouting. I didn't even read my books I would be so mad. My dad says it was so much cheaper to feed me back when I refused to go eat. XD

All right, one last flaw. I have a hell of a temper. I'm usually pretty even-tempered but sometimes I get so angry that I find it difficult to even think. No stories other than to say that I've gotten into a few fights at school. Only two or maybe three. No where near as many fights as what I had with my sister.


A solemn reminder of what was lost when the Worldbreaker changed the face of Azeroth

Withers is a quest reward for the Alliance in Darkshore and can be found on a vendor in Darkshore for the Horde.  This pet shrinks over time by grows again when it is in water.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who's That Pet! - Scrambled!

Another Scramble pet this week!
Who's that pet?
And can you put him back in order?

Monday, April 22, 2013

I am FAIL!!!

Recently Matty from Sugar & Blood posted something that got me thinking. She posted about an LFR group she was in where one person was running an add-on that would whisper FAIL to people. And it would whisper it in capital letters.

I'll admit that I can't remember seeing anyone running that add-on during my adventures but I'm now very curious about it.  I want to know what triggers it. And I don't want to hear about it I want to experience it.

This add-on reminds me of a little toy that my sister found in a joke shop.  It was a little device that looked like someone was offering a piece of gum from a pack. However, when a person pulled on the stick they would get a shock.  Once the family realized what it was they avoided taking gum from my sister.  Well, everyone but me.  It instead made me curious.  I wanted to know how far I could pull the stick before I got shocked.  And how long will the shock last?  How strong is the shock? How does it compare to an electric fence? How long can I hold onto it? Is the shock worse if I pull it using my toes or is it less?

Eventually my sister took the device back and refused to let me anywhere near it and made sure the rest of the family didn't let me near it either. What point am I  trying to make? Well... The device was cool when she could trick someone into getting a shock but when I went looking for the shock it wasn't fun anymore.  It's no fun to play with someone who wants to get a shock.

So what do I plan to do if/when I come across the FAIL add-on? I plan to make it no fun for the person with the add-on.  I want to find out just what sets the add-on off? Is it standing in bad? Will it only go off once or can I jump in and out of the bad to get repeated FAILS? What if I pull aggro? Or pretend I'm Leroy Jenkins and run into a room and pull a pack of mobs? Does it go off if I don't stand in the good?

What I'm suggesting is instead of letting the add-ons make you a better player use it instead as an excuse to behave badly. If someone complains, explain that you are curious and the FAIL just makes you giggle. If enough of us do this add-on will no longer be fun and they will get rid of it!  Someone once explained something to me that has been rather revolutionary to me. I cannot control other people. I can however control what I will do.

It's brilliant! What do you say? Will you help me to bring about the end of this add-on?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apologies and More Leveling

I wanted to apologize because I didn't get a pet puzzle up this weekend.  The short of it was that I was feeling pretty crappy all week. I'll write more about it after I recount the adventures my warlock was having.  Happy stuff first and then you can skip all the terrible but I can still write about it. :)

The warlock made it though Northrend pretty quickly but she still managed to have a bit of fun.  The questlines in Stormpeaks were particularly fun such as being turned into a giant lady who couldn't actually fit onto her flying saucer.  That cloud must be strong.

And battling on dragonback is always fun! Here's my warlock showing off her dragon-riding skills.  Unfortunately I haven't figured out what to do with the quest when you finished all the battling and have to go meet with Thorium. The only thing I've figured out is how to get off the dragon's back which results in falling to my doom unless I'm a druid which this time I wasn't.

And after leveling through Northrend Vaunt, my warlock, spent a few days leveling in the Catacylism levels.

And also leveling pets.  I have finally managed to get a pet all the way to level 25!  The Grell was the first but I now have 5 level 25 pets. Now I should probably figure out how to beat all the battle trainers.

My warlock hasn't had all the fun.  I finally got around to spending some time on my poor neglected death knight.  I wanted to finish up Operation: Shieldwall and while flying through Karasang Wilds I saw a legendary pet to battle.  I lost the first try but came back and won the second time.
I finally managed to finish the dailies and now own a pretty new grand gryphon and bought a grand armored gryphon. I did take a look at the grand wryvn and grand armored wryvn.  I'll admit that I definitely like the gryphons much better than the wryvn.

I also finally saw a Zandarlari rare! It lept out and attacked my poor leveling warlock while she was traveling to a quest hub.  It was quite an epic battle but eventually the npcs won and beat the troll.  I might have died. Twice. I'm a warlock not a healer afterall.

Alright now for my long story. Awhile back the doctors decided that my gallbladder isn't working right and they arranged for me to have more tests to determine how much of my gallbladder is still working and to make sure the rest of me is still good. So they gave me painkillers to help in the meantime. At first I was feeling pretty good but then it became obvious that I was having an allergic reaction to the painkillers. Then I started feeling a little miserable. Which probably wasn't the best way to be feeling when you have to go take a stress test.  Actually, on second thought,  the reason to be taking a stress test is because you feel miserable.  Anyway, I went in with a bit of a sore throat and left with a massively painful sore throat.  My mom was gracious enough to be my driver for the day and I most have sounded as miserable as I felt because she stopped and got me a chocolate shake even though I shouldn't have been eating it.  It contained two of the foods I shouldn't be eating: chocolate and ice cream.  Lucky two days later I had another test.  This one was much easier. I'm not sure what it was called but it involved injecting me with something that acted as a dye and they  wanted to see my gallbladder working.  After a rather boring two hours they sent me back to the waiting room while they went though the results.  I was told that my gallbladder didn't show so they decided to give me morphine.  I'm not sure how that helped but I do know that I sure felt good that day.  Anyway, I still have what feels like a bit of a cold but I think I might be starting to feel better because I'm starting to notice how much my side is hurting again.  At least at this point I'm not worried about surgery anymore.  I just want to feel better.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rocking the Lock

I've been obsessed with leveling lately.  I think it's because I haven't been feeling good and the side effects of all the medications I'm taking to manage my pain make me dizzy.  Anyway, all I've been wanting to do is level and the only toon I've been wanting to level is my little baby goblin Warlock.  Thankfully the kind people of Shadow Rising have given my warlock a home in their guild.

Here my little warlock is just starting on her adventure.  We have reached the end of the questline in Stone Talon Peaks.  I'll just say that Garrosh managed to surprise me and to react exactly how I expected.  But this is a zone you should attempt to see from both the Horde and Alliance side.  Here are some of the highlights from my warlock's leveling so far.

Once Vaunt, the goblin warlock, finished Stone Talon she headed to Desolace where several really awesome things occurred.

She did battle with some cultists whose blood burned.  When you got enough stacks it turned you into a giant purple demon.  Vaunt wasn't too impressed with this at first until she realized it would also turn her ordinary blue voidwalker and her swarm of imps into purple demons as well.  Here three of the imps and the voidwalker got turned into demons and Vaunt has used Metamorphis.

Vaunt also got into a fight with a night elf druid.  The cat won but Vaunt was better prepared the second time and managed to make her first honorable kill.

That's when Vaunt remembered that she could run battlegrounds.  The Horde did really well and stomped the Alliance into the ground.  Wait a min! Do I see people fighting in the road? Stop! Stop that! No fighting in the road!

Vaunt eventually made her way to Felwood and made friends with a Demon Hunter.  The Demon Hunter allowed Vaunt to see the events of the past and even hang out with Illidan.  Winged demons FTW!

She eventually headed to Outlands and reached level 60 and immediately learned how to fly.  No one rocks a flying saucer better than a goblin

In Hellfire, Vaunt spent some time trying to cap the towers so she could get a free pvp trinket.  While waiting for a tower to cap she was attacked by a night elf death knight.  Soon Vaunt had her first death knight kill and the achievement for killing one of each class. Horray! Death by warlock!

Vaunt didn't spend all her time questing and killing things.  Sometimes she took part in pet battles.  One find in Netherstorm netted Vaunt the achievements Outland Tamer and Ultimate Trainer

And speaking of pet, look at this beauty!  Early this morning Navimie appeared on Drak'Tharon and she told me that I had some mail.  It was a Zandalari Anklerender! A baby pet dino! It's gorgeous! 

Well, time to stop chatting and to get leveling! Only twenty more levels to 90!

Lil' Deathwing!

Grats to Navi for unscrambling Deathwing!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who's That Pet - Scrambled Edition

This week's Warcraft Pet got Scrambled!
Can you guess who the pet is?
And can you get him unscrambled using the number key below? You can write the answer from left to right and top to bottom.

Friday, April 5, 2013

20 Days of Blogging - Day 10

Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites
Hmm... It's been a week or two since I last did one of these.  But I'm fairly certain I'm on day 10.  If I would actually do these more regularly I think I'd be done by now... Oh well.

Blog/website favorites... I wonder if it's just Wow ones or all?  I'm going with all because that's more fun :)

I have a list of some of my favorite wow blogs on the side but I didn't mention some of my favorite websites.
  • WoWInsider - My first real Wow read.  There's a little bit of everything here
  • WoWHead - The source of all stuff WoW and about anything that is coming up
  • WoWPedia - Questions about lore or any other information about WoW, this wiki can usually help

And there's sites about pets, hunter pets, mounts, fishing, professions, etc.  I think it would probably be possible to go on forever and never cover all the cool WoW sites out there.

So what do I read when I'm not cruising though WoW stuff:
  • Cake Wrecks - Most of the week showcasing awe and gag inspiring masterpieces, mind boggling misspellings, and some cakes that are just unspeakable along with some funny commentary.  Sundays, however, show some really beautiful creations.  Definitely worth a peak.
  • PVP Online - Web Comic with a business, the wacky people who work for it, and their troll.
  • Table Titans - Another Web Comic by the same person as PVP Online, follows a dungeons and dragons group.  There are also some pretty awesome tales from other D&D groups.  Makes me wish I knew how to play.
  • Doll Divine - Enjoy playing dress-up? Doll Divine is the best collection of dress-up games I've been able to find.  Play with the knowledge that you'll become seriously addicted.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TV Stars!

The farm was on TV! And I'm just so excited about it I just had to share.  My dad got a phone call from KCRG asking if they could come out and interview my dad about his robots and Wednesday they came down.

Here's the link to the video: Dairy Farmer