Thursday, April 7, 2016

I've seen better days

Jeez, time flies when you least expect it. I keep swearing I will be a better poster but than I let months go by. But those months definitely weren't the kindest to me either. 

My last post was shortly after my gallbladder surgery and probably around the time I was just starting a new treatment for my wegner's. I was also started on an antidepressant to help control the mood swings that the prednisone was giving me. At first, things seemed to be going alright but after a few weeks I was feeling really tired and my stomach was getting upset. Than, I noticed that I was looking a bit yellow. A trip to the emergency room and they confirmed that I was jaundiced. They didn't want to treat me at my local hospital but sent me by ambulance to the University hospital. I was there for almost a week and got to celebrate Thanksgiving at the hospital. It was definitely memorable. The doctors decided the jaundice was caused by one of the two medicines but they weren't sure which one so they stopped them both.

I then had to wait several weeks before I could try any new medications. I was given another medicine to try for my mood swings but after less than a week, I was heading to bed and felt really lightheaded and then my legs began to twitch and than my arms until my ankle bent and I fell down. It was really painful. The next day, my mom insisted that I get my ankle looked at and it was broken. The doctor decided that it would be best to put a plate on my ankle so that it could also be put back into the correct place. So, January 15th, the day before my birthday, I had surgery on my ankle. 

Last week, I was told that I no longer needed to use a boot for walking. It's nice to no longer have a cast, crutches, or the boot.

I've three weeks ago, I also started my newest treatment for Wegner's. It's a drug that's given though an IV. It requires a long three hour wait at the doctor's office, but I've found it's a good place to get a good bit of cross-stitching done and I get to watch a tv that has more than 3 channels. 

I have not been playing much WoW recently. I feel rather worn-out. Even though this stuff has happened a few months ago now, I'm still meddling though each day, trying to keep functioning with all these different chemicals working their way though me. I'm also taking classes part-time. I'm really glad I'm not full-time because I've been tired quite a bit and my ability to focus is still really shattered from the prednisone I'm taking. 

Sometimes I feel like I blog more about all the health crap I'm dealing with than about WoW. But that's alright. This blog is, first and foremost, for me and I'm not currently concerned with my favorite game so I don't have much to say about it but that can't be said about my health. 

Either way, I'm still around. I might feel like curling up into a tight ball in a corner and building a wall around myself to keep everyone else out, but I'm trying to work though it. Just one step at a time.