Thursday, August 28, 2014

Start of classes and raiding blues

Back at school and the first week of classes has begun. It's going to be an exciting semester for me. I'm taking Lit, more Lit, and just a little more lit. I'm also taking Spanish, of which I no absolutely nothing.

Anyway, while I don't mind the late nights too much because I don't have early classes, one of the healers from my raiding group has quit raiding with us because he didn't think he could balance the late nights with his early morning classes. While I can't really begrudge him that, it does leave the raid group scrambling to find a replacement for him. It sometimes seems that every time we get a dependable replacement, someone else leaves and the group is left to struggle until another replacement can be found.

We've also had some dissatisfaction with how slow our progress has been. There had been a plan to raid 3 nights but our tank could never make the last night which left us pretty much with just 2 nights of raiding. Considering that the earlier fights take a giant chunk of time to clear, we've had been trying every other week extending the lock out but that hasn't worked to well either. So, last week our raid leader had everyone tell her what bosses we needed and she concluded that for the most part we didn't need anything before Jug. But there were a few who did want some pieces off the earlier bosses and was asking how we felt about just clearing everything on normal up to Jugg and I suggested maybe having a roll before the raid and the winner could pick which extra boss they wanted to attempt. We thought it sounded fair enough and we're going to be giving it a few tries.

Although we're still left trying to find another healer to run with us. And a tank because our tank has recently decided that we should replace him.

Fun times indeed.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Hunter Pet!

I've been giving myself goals of small things I'd like to accomplish and one of those goals is to finish leveling alchemy and herbalism on my monk. I had reached a point where I was in Northrend and the next area that the leveling guide told me to go to pick herbs was Sholazar Basin. I've spent some time out there on my hunter in the hopes of seeing the ever elusive but much coveted Loque'nahak but have never had any luck. I figured there was no way I'd see him yesterday either. As I flew around looking for herbs I didn't even have my rare spawn addons on. I was in a bit of a daze, flying from one yellow dot to another when something strange caused me to take another look at the mobs around me. And than I couldn't believe what I saw. There was Loque'nahak walking calmly though some gorillas. So I did what any other hunter would do. I promptly logged off, logged onto my hunter, threw some pets in the stable so I'd have a spot for taming Loque, made sure I was in beast mastery spec, and booked it for the Northrend portal and to Sholazar Basin while muttering under my breath "please, please, please, oh God, please." When I reached Sholazar I realized I had no idea where I had seen Loque, so I quickly switched back to my monk and verified where the spirit beast was and noticed a warlock was flying near-by. Since he didn't seem to be interested in Loque, I hopped back on my hunter and made a beeline for where Loque was and promptly set about taming him. Right as I was partway though the tame the Alliance warlock noticed me and proceded to land and begin casting. Luckily for me, I managed to finish my tame right as the warlock hit me. Loque and I then proceeded to grind that Ally warlock into the dirt. I was rather excited at the time with my close Loque tame and I had to quickly log onto my death knight for a run though ICC but later I began to wonder if the warlock was trying to guard Loque for someone else. I suppose it was rather mercyless of me to just drop out of the sky and "steal" Loque out from under him but than again, I had seen him first, made it there first, and got the tame off.
Now I just need to come up with a good name for him.