Saturday, February 28, 2015

Always Changing

Regular updates. I don't have them. I had some accomplishments that I was excited about. I finished making Shadowmourn on my death knight, I switched to playing a paladin for raiding because we needed healers. Raiding... well, the people who used to play stopped, the people who said they were coming back didn't, so the group slowly changed to entirely new people. Good people. I have peace with that but others didn't. I wonder what it takes to get a group to hold together.

From this point I'm mostly writing about real-life stuff. 

I've haven't been feeling up to doing much in-game. I raid but otherwise I haven't had any special projects going. But I also know I've been having some health issues. The biggest of which is the one I'm currently dealing with, a return of my Wegener's. Bleh. And it's also requiring some coordination with my professors at my school to try and keep current with my course work while still dealing with my condition. I'm supposed to take this week off of classes and just work my way though my mountain of homework and then it'll be spring break, so more time to work on homework. 

Overall, I'm just tired but I'm also impressed by the people in my life. I knew that the professors and my classmates were amazing people but they really surprised me this past week. I knew something had been off for weeks but this week was the worst for me. I had a hard time facing the idea of dealing with Wegener's again. I would say I was fine, but I wasn't. I stopped attending classes and missed my meeting with the counsilor and at the writing center. I got phone calls, emails, and visits from what started to feel like a million people all wanting to know if I was ok. Thursday I had a visit from one of my friends. I'm not sure how she got into the dorm, but she tracked me down and told me that everyone is worried and I needed to go home and let my family take care of me. She even offered to drive me home right then. And she told me she tried to visit again to make sure I did go home. I also talked to her with some text messages and a phone call. 

I wish I knew a good way to give her a thanks for such care. I shall have to think about it carefully.

I'm not sure what I wanted to do with this post. Just write something. Probably. I feel so passive today. It's better than the rage, the panic, or the sorrow. It's also so difficult to type with a cat determined to use my hand as a pillow. 

I still can't believe that I have Radar again. When my family told me he had escaped the house and couldn't find him last August, I thought I would never see him again. The day in Novemeber when I saw him standing outside, peering though the glass doors, I thought he was one of the new barn cats. But there was something about that long grey tabby cat that I had to check out, so when the cat ran off, I followed and called for my family to help me. It was Radar. We managed to catch him and bring him back inside the house and it's almost as though he's never been outside. Definitely my moment of good luck.