Monday, March 18, 2013

20 Days of Blogging - Day 6

Day 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)

I'm starting to feel that I'll be doing this forever at the rate I'm going though them.  Although I'll admit I wasn't too keen on getting this one done.  Show people my room? Must get some cleaning done! And find a camera.  Eventually I settled for shifting all the junk to the other side of the room and using my phone to take the pictures.

So this is my room.  It used to be my brothers and so the carpet is green and the walls used to be white with a blue ceiling with clouds on it. The shelves have a railroad track on it and there used to be a train that would run when you hit the switch by the light switch.  It was pretty neat. Makes a great place to store books now. I used to share a room upstairs with my little sister while my older sister and brother had the two room in the basement.  Long story short, there's been some moving around and now my little sister and I have the basement, my older sister is upstairs, and my brother is out on his own.  Because the room was in rough shape I was allowed to paint it.  My mom even said I could paint it whatever color I wanted.  She's not going to make that mistake again.  She actually doesn't really mind the colors but she thinks the purple is just too dark for the size of the room but she loves my ceiling. 

This is my lovely desktop.  I don't have a picture of my laptop since it's being fixed. Again. Ugh. But I still have my desktop.  To the very far right is my printer. It's also a copier and scanner.  Next is the tower.  It's about 2 maybe 3 years old but I haven't had any trouble with it.  When I got it I had the wireless built into it which means I can set it up anywhere on the farm.  On top is a pencil case full of important stuff I don't want to lose. Like my tablet pen and my authenticator.  Not losing stuff only works when you remember to put stuff back.  Under the pencil case is my tablet.  I'm still not very good at using it yet.  Then there's a book. But there's books everywhere.  And my headphones/mic.  I don't know why I have speakers since I never seem to use them.  I always get yelled at to turn the volume down.  There's the monitor, the mouse, and the speakers.  There's also the keyboard which only has one leg so I help keep it propped up with yet another book.  And the mousepad which had been patched with ducktape.  I should really get a new mousepad and keyboard.  Someday.  My desk is a cheap one and fairly old.  But it still works.  There's actually a place for the keyboard but I can't use it and hold the cat at the same time without going so far away from the monitor I can't see. So I used my keyboard tray to hold my cat.  The computer chair is brand new.  It was a Christmas present from my parents which they got me in January. And I have to have my lap blanket although I'm usually not cold. It's a just because thing.


  1. Wow those colours are so bold! And here was thinking you were the conservative type.

    1. I did a lot of second guessing about the colors but once they were up I was really happy to finally have my purple room. I am a conservative person but I have this weird bold streak too.

    2. I love those colours! and your storage thingy (not really sure what to call it) matches.

    3. Thanks! And yeah, my storage shelf and the cubes do match. Along with my bedspread, certain blankets, a chair, an ottoman, and I'm certain I must have other stuff that does as well. I really don't think I could have picked any color other then the ones I did choose.