Friday, March 29, 2013

Feeling out of sorts

I'm hoping to sneak this post in.  Usually I'm not deliberately sneaky with my posts but this one I will be.

I just wanted to get some of the real-world non-WoW stuff that's been going on out of my head and writing about it seems to help.

I hadn't been feeling too great lately and Wednesday figured enough was enough and went to the doctors.  Well, nurse-practitioner if you really wanted to get technical.  After an exam and some blood-work she really wanted me to get an ultra-sound done because she thought something was wrong with my gallbladder.

Being told that it could be something is very different from being told that they are very certain it is.  Yesterday I had the ultra-sound and after I got home I got a phone call.  They were now very certain the problem was my gallbladder and they were going to make an appointment for me to see a surgeon to discuss the possibility of having it removed.  There might have been more to that phone call but I can't really remember it now.

I'll know more on Wednesday after my appointment.  But it seems like something that is really scary.  I know logically that it's not that big of a deal and that there are worse things but at the moment it's a lot to deal with.

Now I better stop before I start crying again which will send my cat running off into the wilderness.  He's such a guy because he really can't handle tears very well.


  1. I know it doesn't help to say don't worry but try not to. It seems on my father's side those gall bladders don't last much past thirty.

    I went in around 11:00am and was out that evening, didn't even have to spend the night. Only teeny little incisions because of laparoscopic surgery.


    1. Thank you Tome. Being told not to worry isn't helpful nut your story and the hug really help. It doesn't seem quite so scary when I know I'm not alone. So thanks very much for your comment.