Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 Days of Blogging - Day 8

Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

Oh!!! Secrets! This would be the juicy post XD. 10 completely random things about me.  I hope I can think of that many things.

1. I have flunked out of college. Academic probation and dismissal. Big words for saying I screwed up big time.  I originally started at a state college as a horticulture major.  I was in honors everything and I was taking chemistry and biology, English, labs, and the real killer, Marching Band.  I was burned out by by midterms and I didn't really recover.  Strangely enough the only class I actually passed was band.

2. I never wake up the first time my alarm rings.  I have it set for 6 am but the earliest I wake up is 8.  So that leaves at least two hours of hitting the snooze button.  My alarm rings every nine minutes.  If I actually hit the alarm right away and not sleep though it for five minutes then I hit the snooze button 13 times.

3.  My cat's name is Radar.  I named him after a character from MASH.  Which brings me to my next secret.

4. My cat was a bribe.  My friend really wanted me to be roommates with her and she really didn't want to live in the dorms.  She wanted to live at the college's apartments.  I really wanted to stay in the dorms.  But she told me there were pet-friendly apartments and if I went with her I could get a cat.  She had herself a roommate and I immediately went cat shopping.

5. I have dressed my cat up in doll clothes.  I first did it just because I could.  But it gave me a great idea for a class project. So this is a combination of different images and I used three pictures of my cat.  One with him in a dress being the princess, one with him in a jacket playing the prince, and the last picture is his tail playing the part of a long braid of hair. Strangely enough my cat still likes me.  I should mention that all the images were found online except for the images of the cats.

6. I am terrified of frogs. They scare me.  I see a frog and I'm screaming like a little girl.  Loud, shrill, and repeatedly.  And I maintain a ten foot distance.  If there's a chair I'm standing on it.  I like to think my older sister is part of my fear of frogs.  She once told me that frogs gave you warts and chased me around the house until she caught me and made me kiss a frog. I'd like to blame her but I'm fairly certain I was afraid of frogs even before that incident.

7. My childhood dream was to be an author.  And an illustrator.  But mostly an author.  I thought I'd write and illustrate my own children's book.  But the important part was writing my own stories.

8. I can play the piano and the clarinet.  I began taking piano lessons in elementary school from my aunt and continued taking lessons from different people even after I started going to college.  I'm only an intermediate player but it's still fun.  I started playing the clarinet in the fifth grade and played though high school.  In high school I made the switch to bass clarinet, which is just a larger saxophone looking clarinet. 

9. We used to have several railroad retaining walls in the backyard.  One of my favorite places to go sledding in the winter was over the railroad ties.  My mom said it about gave her a heart attack the first time she saw my sister and me go flying over the wall.  And it was flying.  I distinctly remember being airborne.   Those walls have long since been removed.

10. In high school the only book I would actually read was my English book.  And I would have it read from cover to cover before the end of the semester. The rest of the classes I would start the semester off trying to read but by the end of the year I would just find the answers to the questions in the book and my notebooks because I would remember what was being taught class much better then anything I ever read.  That actually applies to a lot of my classes too... Why do I buy my textbooks? I never used them. /headdesk. 

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