Monday, April 29, 2013

20 Days of Blogging - Day 11

Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws

Oh boy. Bad habits and flaws... This post could go on forever.

Let's see. I'm a rather negative person when referring to myself. I've been told that no one is harder on me than I am and they can't quite understand why I'm so negative since I'm so smart and talented. It made me blush and to tell the truth I really didn't feel that I was as smart and talented as they said I was. Which rather made that person's point.

Other flaws. Hmm... Well. I'm a procrastinator. XD. I either get stuff done right away or it takes me forever to get something done. More often than not it's so easy to put stuff off.

How about a WoW flaw? I'm a keyboard turner and a clicker. I do use some macros but I'm terrible about turning with my mouse. Maybe if I got used to it I would be faster if I would break my bad habits but I haven't had any complaints about being too slow or doing terrible dps or being a bad tank or healer. Maybe I should change but... I don't know, it's been working for me.

That leads me to another flaw. I'm stubborn and I'm sometimes resistant to change. How stubborn am I? Very. For punishment my mom used to make me go sit in the toy room. She would then leave and go back to what she was doing. Because I was punished and it wasn't my idea to be in the toy room I would sit and pout in a corner and not touch any of the toys. I even remember my mom coming back and asking if I was ready to behave now and my yelling back to leave me alone. Another example of how stubborn I am involved going out to lunch or supper with my family. When I was younger the only place I wanted to go was McDonalds. And if my family went to someplace else I usually refused to even go inside the restaurant and spent the time in the car pouting. I didn't even read my books I would be so mad. My dad says it was so much cheaper to feed me back when I refused to go eat. XD

All right, one last flaw. I have a hell of a temper. I'm usually pretty even-tempered but sometimes I get so angry that I find it difficult to even think. No stories other than to say that I've gotten into a few fights at school. Only two or maybe three. No where near as many fights as what I had with my sister.

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