Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rocking the Lock

I've been obsessed with leveling lately.  I think it's because I haven't been feeling good and the side effects of all the medications I'm taking to manage my pain make me dizzy.  Anyway, all I've been wanting to do is level and the only toon I've been wanting to level is my little baby goblin Warlock.  Thankfully the kind people of Shadow Rising have given my warlock a home in their guild.

Here my little warlock is just starting on her adventure.  We have reached the end of the questline in Stone Talon Peaks.  I'll just say that Garrosh managed to surprise me and to react exactly how I expected.  But this is a zone you should attempt to see from both the Horde and Alliance side.  Here are some of the highlights from my warlock's leveling so far.

Once Vaunt, the goblin warlock, finished Stone Talon she headed to Desolace where several really awesome things occurred.

She did battle with some cultists whose blood burned.  When you got enough stacks it turned you into a giant purple demon.  Vaunt wasn't too impressed with this at first until she realized it would also turn her ordinary blue voidwalker and her swarm of imps into purple demons as well.  Here three of the imps and the voidwalker got turned into demons and Vaunt has used Metamorphis.

Vaunt also got into a fight with a night elf druid.  The cat won but Vaunt was better prepared the second time and managed to make her first honorable kill.

That's when Vaunt remembered that she could run battlegrounds.  The Horde did really well and stomped the Alliance into the ground.  Wait a min! Do I see people fighting in the road? Stop! Stop that! No fighting in the road!

Vaunt eventually made her way to Felwood and made friends with a Demon Hunter.  The Demon Hunter allowed Vaunt to see the events of the past and even hang out with Illidan.  Winged demons FTW!

She eventually headed to Outlands and reached level 60 and immediately learned how to fly.  No one rocks a flying saucer better than a goblin

In Hellfire, Vaunt spent some time trying to cap the towers so she could get a free pvp trinket.  While waiting for a tower to cap she was attacked by a night elf death knight.  Soon Vaunt had her first death knight kill and the achievement for killing one of each class. Horray! Death by warlock!

Vaunt didn't spend all her time questing and killing things.  Sometimes she took part in pet battles.  One find in Netherstorm netted Vaunt the achievements Outland Tamer and Ultimate Trainer

And speaking of pet, look at this beauty!  Early this morning Navimie appeared on Drak'Tharon and she told me that I had some mail.  It was a Zandalari Anklerender! A baby pet dino! It's gorgeous! 

Well, time to stop chatting and to get leveling! Only twenty more levels to 90!


  1. Go go go Vaunt! Glad to see you're having fun with your lock, maybe you can give Lyss a run for her money when you reach 90, lol. Let us know if you need any enchants, gems, etc. and one of us will be able to help you out. =)

    1. Lol, I don't think Lyss has much to worry about with my lock. And I still have a long way to go. The worst part will be 85-90. As for helping me out, know anyone with some extra sanity for sale? I think this weekends leveling trip must fit under some definition of insanity somewhere :)

    2. Sanity? Ha. Haha. Hahahahah! Good luck finding any of *that* in SR. :P

    3. Lol. Probably just as well. I wouldn't know what to do with sanity even if I did find some.