Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apologies and More Leveling

I wanted to apologize because I didn't get a pet puzzle up this weekend.  The short of it was that I was feeling pretty crappy all week. I'll write more about it after I recount the adventures my warlock was having.  Happy stuff first and then you can skip all the terrible but I can still write about it. :)

The warlock made it though Northrend pretty quickly but she still managed to have a bit of fun.  The questlines in Stormpeaks were particularly fun such as being turned into a giant lady who couldn't actually fit onto her flying saucer.  That cloud must be strong.

And battling on dragonback is always fun! Here's my warlock showing off her dragon-riding skills.  Unfortunately I haven't figured out what to do with the quest when you finished all the battling and have to go meet with Thorium. The only thing I've figured out is how to get off the dragon's back which results in falling to my doom unless I'm a druid which this time I wasn't.

And after leveling through Northrend Vaunt, my warlock, spent a few days leveling in the Catacylism levels.

And also leveling pets.  I have finally managed to get a pet all the way to level 25!  The Grell was the first but I now have 5 level 25 pets. Now I should probably figure out how to beat all the battle trainers.

My warlock hasn't had all the fun.  I finally got around to spending some time on my poor neglected death knight.  I wanted to finish up Operation: Shieldwall and while flying through Karasang Wilds I saw a legendary pet to battle.  I lost the first try but came back and won the second time.
I finally managed to finish the dailies and now own a pretty new grand gryphon and bought a grand armored gryphon. I did take a look at the grand wryvn and grand armored wryvn.  I'll admit that I definitely like the gryphons much better than the wryvn.

I also finally saw a Zandarlari rare! It lept out and attacked my poor leveling warlock while she was traveling to a quest hub.  It was quite an epic battle but eventually the npcs won and beat the troll.  I might have died. Twice. I'm a warlock not a healer afterall.

Alright now for my long story. Awhile back the doctors decided that my gallbladder isn't working right and they arranged for me to have more tests to determine how much of my gallbladder is still working and to make sure the rest of me is still good. So they gave me painkillers to help in the meantime. At first I was feeling pretty good but then it became obvious that I was having an allergic reaction to the painkillers. Then I started feeling a little miserable. Which probably wasn't the best way to be feeling when you have to go take a stress test.  Actually, on second thought,  the reason to be taking a stress test is because you feel miserable.  Anyway, I went in with a bit of a sore throat and left with a massively painful sore throat.  My mom was gracious enough to be my driver for the day and I most have sounded as miserable as I felt because she stopped and got me a chocolate shake even though I shouldn't have been eating it.  It contained two of the foods I shouldn't be eating: chocolate and ice cream.  Lucky two days later I had another test.  This one was much easier. I'm not sure what it was called but it involved injecting me with something that acted as a dye and they  wanted to see my gallbladder working.  After a rather boring two hours they sent me back to the waiting room while they went though the results.  I was told that my gallbladder didn't show so they decided to give me morphine.  I'm not sure how that helped but I do know that I sure felt good that day.  Anyway, I still have what feels like a bit of a cold but I think I might be starting to feel better because I'm starting to notice how much my side is hurting again.  At least at this point I'm not worried about surgery anymore.  I just want to feel better.


  1. Oh no! Sorry go hear you're not feeling well: sending healing thoughts your way. And never worry about neglected death knights--that's how they roll.

    1. Thanks for the healing thoughts. Those are always appreciated. And I'm not too worried about my death knight. She's got an army of minions to keep her company.

  2. I'm so sorry that gall bladder is acting up, and I so know how at one point you just don't care you just want it out! And yay for Warlocks, they are so much fun!

    1. Yah, Just get it out! Although to tell the truth I barely notice that my side hurts. This cold or whatever is so much worse. And yah, warlocks are way too much fun. There's something about being evil that's just too much fun.