Monday, April 22, 2013

I am FAIL!!!

Recently Matty from Sugar & Blood posted something that got me thinking. She posted about an LFR group she was in where one person was running an add-on that would whisper FAIL to people. And it would whisper it in capital letters.

I'll admit that I can't remember seeing anyone running that add-on during my adventures but I'm now very curious about it.  I want to know what triggers it. And I don't want to hear about it I want to experience it.

This add-on reminds me of a little toy that my sister found in a joke shop.  It was a little device that looked like someone was offering a piece of gum from a pack. However, when a person pulled on the stick they would get a shock.  Once the family realized what it was they avoided taking gum from my sister.  Well, everyone but me.  It instead made me curious.  I wanted to know how far I could pull the stick before I got shocked.  And how long will the shock last?  How strong is the shock? How does it compare to an electric fence? How long can I hold onto it? Is the shock worse if I pull it using my toes or is it less?

Eventually my sister took the device back and refused to let me anywhere near it and made sure the rest of the family didn't let me near it either. What point am I  trying to make? Well... The device was cool when she could trick someone into getting a shock but when I went looking for the shock it wasn't fun anymore.  It's no fun to play with someone who wants to get a shock.

So what do I plan to do if/when I come across the FAIL add-on? I plan to make it no fun for the person with the add-on.  I want to find out just what sets the add-on off? Is it standing in bad? Will it only go off once or can I jump in and out of the bad to get repeated FAILS? What if I pull aggro? Or pretend I'm Leroy Jenkins and run into a room and pull a pack of mobs? Does it go off if I don't stand in the good?

What I'm suggesting is instead of letting the add-ons make you a better player use it instead as an excuse to behave badly. If someone complains, explain that you are curious and the FAIL just makes you giggle. If enough of us do this add-on will no longer be fun and they will get rid of it!  Someone once explained something to me that has been rather revolutionary to me. I cannot control other people. I can however control what I will do.

It's brilliant! What do you say? Will you help me to bring about the end of this add-on?


  1. Firstly, I think that is hilarious! I never knew you were such a curious little thing Tyledres. I think that your idea is cool! Except, I wouldn't recommend wiping raids to upset people because that would make you feel bad and everyone else feel like their time is wasted.. but I haven't really experienced that add-on much and I have done lots of fail stuff. You'll need to find someone with the addon!

    1. I'm not sure if I was really serious or not. I really do want to test the boundaries of that add-on but you're right that I would feel awful to waste people's time by causing wipes. I think I was just mostly attempting to take something awful and give it a funny look.