Sunday, August 26, 2012

Am I wrong?

Been busy for a bit pushing Arita the last few quests to get Loremaster. I've been pretty excited about working towards that achievement and I've made no secret about what I was doing but something happened that makes me not as excited to finally be done. I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about it since I'm afraid I might rant about it but I'm hoping it'll help me clear my thoughts.

I enjoy playing World of Warcraft. I enjoy doing things on my own or with other people. Over the years I've met some really great people in the game and made some really good friends. But I'm starting to get the impression that one of my friends feels that if we're both on I should drop everything I'm doing and help with whatever he's working on. Most of the time I don't mind since I playing with others. But there have been a few times where I've refused and it always seems to make my friend really mad.

One of those times was last night. I had hopes that I could finish my quest for Loremaster before school starts on Monday and I was feeling confident that I would meet that goal. It's been no secret since I've been spending at least half of my time online grinding though quests. My friend thought I was crazy since it's not something he's interested in getting but other than to laugh about how crazy I am and to check my progress he hadn't said much. I also mentioned I wanted it done before classes started since I wanted Loremaster before the account-wide achievements. He thought I was being silly since there's a whole month until Pandara is released so I'd have plenty of time to keep working. But nothing more was really said about it.

I have a few reasons why I wanted to get this achievement done before school starts. First it has been an achievement I've wanted since I first heard about it and been working on off and on since Wrath. But I started with the quests in Eastern Kingdom. When it was announced that Cata was revamping the whole vanilla leveling zones I was a bit disappointed that I would have to start over and put the achievement hunt on the back burner. Instead I went back to leveling other toons. But eventually I decided to give it another go and was making good progress. I cleared out Eastern Kingdom and Kalimonder fairly quickly and than spent another week finishing up the quests in Northrend. Outlands was my last stop on my questing tour.

Last night I got the last few quests done in Blade's Edge and headed to Netherstorm. Since I only had that place to explore to get the Explorer title, I jumped on a flying mount and took a quick spin around to get those achievements out of the way. Than settled in to get questing. I was almost half way though the zone when my friend logged on. Apparently he wanted something for transmog from Uld 25 and sent me an invite along with other members from the guild. I refused since I was so close to finally being done. He tried to convince me to come telling me "You can take a break, you know."

It's not that I hadn't taken breaks before. I was questing when he wanted to go to Halls of Origination to get some beetle pet for his hunter. I had planned to get some questing done when he asked if I'd come to Black Temple with him and than spent the rest of my night on my paladin, first at Black Temple, than to Culling of Stratholme, and finally to a Ruby Sanctum attempt. I've done some pvp with my death knight both in arenas and battlegrounds. I ran more Black Temple with my shaman, along with Mt. Hyjal, Kara, and I'm certain there's another place. I had nothing against taking breaks but I wasn't taking a break when I was so close to getting what I'd spent weeks working on.

Later on he informed me that he was mad at me and also asked if I was fine with that. What kind of question is that? I'm not happy with this entire situation. I like to think I can see both sides. Sure it's disappointing when a friend doesn't want to do something but to expect me to drop what I'm working on all the time is also pushing it. Sure it's a game, sure it's social but there's a lot of different things happening in the game and it's ultimately my time I'm spending. Any other day if I'd been asked to go to Uld, I'd probably have said sure. But that night I didn't want to. I wanted to finish something I'd been working on for some time and that I made no secret that I was working towards. But than to have him try to push his feelings onto me as my fault is just bullshit. Sure, be disappointed that I'm busy elsewhere. Sure be mad at me if you feel you must but know that that wasn't my intention. It's one thing if it had been a scheduled run and than I backed out at the last moment but this was something that was spur of the moment. And I wonder, if I'd been any other guildie if his reaction would have been the same. I don't really think so in fact I'm positive it wouldn't have been.

Anyway, this bit of drama really ruined my night. I was so excited and happy to finally see the finish line on my search for Loremaster but now all I can really think about for last night is how upset a friend got because I wanted to keep questing instead of run stuff with him. I keep wondering if I was wrong. Should I have just agreed to make him happy? It's not like the achievement was going away tomorrow. And really if I waited another month it wouldn't be too much more work to add in all the quests from Pandara as well.

It's just draining to think about and it's just got me feeling a bit down about Wow in general. But Molten Core is on the agenda for tonight's laid back raids so I'm hoping to feel more myself by than.


  1. Tough one. Ultimately it's your money and your game butt maybe your friend felt like you owed him something. Maybe they helped you farm something and wants to help in return? I am sorry you had a bad day but on the bright side , loremaster is done!

    1. Mmm. It's something to think about. Fortunately we don't stay mad very long.