Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog Azeroth: Headcanon

This week Akabeko offered up this topic for the Blog Azeroth weekly topic:

Canon refers to the actual events and characters that exist in a fictional world. Headcanon refers to any situations or characters that are imagined by fans of said fictional world. Sometimes they are silly, like the fact that Garrosh's favorite treat is lemon squares. Sometimes they are serious, like positing that tauren store grief in the lungs. For my writing, I've come up with a lot of headcanon. Got a theory about a torrid romance between your favorite auctioneer and the patrolling guard? Given any thought to where mounts and pets go when they aren't summoned? Do you know how your characters do their laundry, or what Baine Bloodhoof does in his free time? What are your headcanons, and where did you get the idea?

A bit of warning before you continue. There will be a bit about Pandaria in this post. Specifically one of the lower level dungeons. So if your trying to prevent yourself from learning anything about what's to come. I suggest you leave now and come back after you've finished exploring though Mists on your own. 

The first thing that came to mind was Ogre slumber parties. When I was in Blade's Edge Mountains killing ogres to complete quests on my druid I noticed that all the ogres seemed to have really dark finger and toe-nails. It struck me as funny because it looked like finger-nail polish. I can't really look at the Ogres anymore without imagining them having a slumber party, doing each others nails, and wearing mud face masks. I image  they would have pillow fights, watch a romance play (since I haven't seen them with a t.v. around anywhere), and share all the latest gossip.

After going over the silliness of ogre slumber parties I than pummeled my poor brain into coming up with two less silly headcannons. The first one involves my death knight. My death knight was informed me that she used to be a paladin. When she was killed her charger was unfortunately set adrift. It was eventually picked up by the Scarlet Crusade when they were attempting to supplement their own supply of horses. When Tyledres was sent to find a mount she managed to pick her old friend. 

I really like this idea but I also think it's still too personal of an idea. But it got me thinking of another headcannon that I like. In Pandaria one of the enemies we'll be facing are the Sha of doubt. In one of the instances the Sha creates duplicates of everyone in the party. I think they are called shadows of our doubt are something. Anyway I love the idea that these shadows aren't really an exact representation of our toon but instead are a visualization of our towns doubts. For example my death knight has not really come to 
terms with her life now and what she used to be. I used to think that she was afraid to sleep because she'd be berated by a ghost of her paladin self. I also like to think that when she'll face the Sha of Doubt they image she'll see will be of her past self. Others would see something different depending on whatever issue they're struggling with.

Btw: I just discovered how to make a jump break. Doh XD, guess I should go back and see about adding some to my older posts.

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  1. Oh it was hard to read this because of the Pandaria spoilers. But I think ogre slumber parties was cute.