Monday, August 27, 2012

Future Plans

Why this pic?
 Because it's one of the few where she's almost looking at me
School started today and I'm tired. During break I always forget just how much energy learning can take. Although there's also running all over campus trying to track down the guy who has the parking permits, pay off bills, find classrooms, check in with my adviser and others stuff. Than I went grocery shopping since I've decided I'd rather just eat a turkey sandwich every day instead of making sure I have money for lunch. Choosing to be a commuter instead of living on campus is much more difficult than I thought.

But what does this have to do with World of Warcraft? Not much, really, other than to cut down the time that I'll be spending online. In hindsight it's probably not the best time to consider establishing a blog. But that's ok. I'm started, I'm enjoying my rambling, and darn if I'm going to stop :)

Instead it means I'm going to have to start planning what it is I want to talk about and accomplish ahead of time. Or, in other words, a more specific plan for what I want to do here. I'm a big one for making plans. I have plans for making a frost and claws banner for this site. I have an idea of what I want and have even started building my banner. I have the words arranged perfectly, I just have to make the graphics. But I don't think I'll be getting to that before the weekend. I also want to start making plans for what I'm going to be posting during the week. I like the idea of just sitting down and writing about what I'm doing but when I'm not going to be able to play I'd still like to post something. And there's Tues and Thur where I'm thinking I'm not going to have much time for anything.

Here's a little about what I'm considering. Tuesday and Thursday I'd like to have a post prepared ahead of time that I can have set to publish in the morning. I think I'd like for these posts to either be about some transmogging that I'm working on or about something interesting I've seen around Azeroth. When I made my post the other day I was really impressed with the location my druid was at when she got the Explorer title and thought it would have been a really pretty screenshot without the achievement in it. I'd like to go back and retake a screenshot there and I'd like to find other places to take nice screenshots. Maybe a kind of photography thing. I don't necessarily feel like they have to be my screenshots but would love seeing what others have but that's a thought for another day. I also think I'd like to have Wednesday be a day to post about the Blog Azeroth topic of the week or something else that I want to talk about. That leaves Friday though Monday open to anything and everything.

I'd also like to keep changing certain things on the site to try to come up with something that makes me happier. But the first change I want to make is to have a banner. So much to do and so little time. Anyway tomorrow I should be posting about the outfits from the last week of transmogolympics. Although I still have to decide what I'm doing for Thursday.

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