Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The first step is always the most difficult.

I've been contemplating writing a blog for some time now but I've been worried about things such as what I'd write, would I have anything to say, and would I even be worth reading. But I'm deciding to attempt to make some changes in my life and one of those things is to stop worrying and start doing.  I've enter in the Mogolympics contest at Amateur Azerothian and the Faction Pride contest at Neri Approves. I've also worked up the courage to join in to the Laid Back Dungeons  and the Laid Back Raids and it's been great and I've gotten to meet some really nice people and I've found that I want to try and share my thoughts about Wow as well.

But before I try to do that I feel that I should try to at least introduce myself.

Hi! My name is Tyledres, and Arita, and Mnementh, Hortis, Lillium, Ursa, and Azilem.  Along with a few others as well.

I got started in the game because I had a friend who was playing at the time. And the first toon I created was my druid Arita. She's been mostly my main since that time until about February when I finally leveled my death knight to 85 and I've been in love with Tyledres ever since.

My thought is that this blog will be a hodgepodge of different things.  I've been enjoying transmogging things and I want to share what I've done with these contests as well as some of the stuff I've come up with since.  I  also want to be able to recount some of the adventures I've had. But there are a few things that you'll likely never find here: Theorycrafting - there are experts out there who know what they're doing and when I look at what they present it makes my eyes cross.  I really appreciate all those people out there who do that work so I don't have to. Goldmaking tips - I have none. I'll be the first to admit I scrape by and occasionally manage to buy my poor druid a new toy but I've never been good at sitting down and figuring out how to make lots of gold.

So if you made it though all of that I just have to say /hug and thanks! Hopefully I'll see you here again.


  1. Oh you're Mnementh! Yay I am happy that's one puzzle solved from the Laid Back raid in molten core :)

    1. Ah! Your the one who whispered me. I hope you didn't think I was being short. I couldn't really think of anything to say to go with "no"