Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mogolympics - Wrestling, Archery, and Javelin

The Javelin winners have recently been announced so I figured it was time to post about my outfits again. As of this writing I'm currently tied for second in overall medals with the entrant from Darkspeare.


I wasn't too surprised to learn that I didn't win any medals for this event because my look is definitely more death knight than wrestler. But I still think Tyledres look pretty good. I think part of my problem was choosing to use my death knight as a model since she has a very strong personality in my mind. She's very set in what she'll wear, so if there's not enough skulls, bones, and dark colors she's going to refuse. None of which is really conductive to a good wrestling look. I started building this look with the belt and than moved to the weapon. I know I wasn't thinking wrestling but death knight especially when I choose this sword. It reminds me of a polearm and has runes on it which felt very appropriate for a death knight. Since I had the sword I went looking for some legs that would pick up some of the purple. I loved the way the Replica Soulforge Legplates matched the purple color without being all about the purple. I than choose the breastplate because it continued the silver and seemed to be part of it with the use of the belt. A shirt underneath to match the black of the legs and cover up exposed skin. The shoulders, gloves, feet, and helm all share the same color as the belt. To finish the look I added a cloak that has more of the purple color along with the blue and some black.


I was pretty excited when I saw that I had placed third in archery earning a total of two medals. When I created this outfit I started with my Worgen and thought how Worgen are wild and furious creatures. I thought a Worgen hunter would be a lady close to nature, using the fur, leather, and other items to live out in nature far from contact with others. I don't really feel that hunter tier really captures what how I think about my hunter but shaman tier captures it perfectly. I'm not real fond of trying to find good boots to go with Worgen legs and I really liked how she looked in a skirt so I started with the Rippling Flesh Kilt and found a belt to go with it. Than I started looking at chestpieces. The Cuttlefish Scale Breastplate seemed perfect since it was sparse with fur trim and looked like it had a necklace. I was really please with the look when I tried it on my human and realized that it looked really different since there's a black undershirt that had matched my Worgen's fur so well that I hadn't realized it was there. My next stop was to look at shoulders and I really wanted to reintroduce the green glow that was found on the bottom of her skirt but also blended in well with what I had already put together. The Demon Stalker Shoulderguards matched color well and had the green glow but I don't think it quite has the right tone for what I wanted. I than choose gloves and realized that the original bow I had picked out didn't quite match. So I went back to look though bows and felt that the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Longbow was a good fit.

Shoulders: Demon Stalker Shoulderguards
Chest: Cuttlefish Scale Breastplate
Hands: Grips of Fierce Pronouncements
Waist: Guardian Chain Girdle
Legs: Rippling Flesh Kilt
Weapon: Cataclysmic Gladiator's Longbow


My Javelin entry I have some mixed feelings about. I loved it when I first created it but after I submitted it and have spent more time considering it I think there are some things I would definitely fix. Ah well, maybe someday I'll come back and give it another attempt. I started with the Black Ice polearm since it's a very pretty and completely unique model. I felt that it was very strong in color and while I wanted to use blues I also wanted to introduce other colors that would work well with the polearm. I felt that the Replica Feralheart Kilt did just that. I didn't want to pair it with the Feralheart chestpiece and after some searching I thought that the Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Tunic matched the blue very well and still had a druid look to it. I added the shoulders and belt based on the kilt since it has some green in it. and choose a blue headress that allowed for the hair to still show. The things I'd change for sure would be the shoulders, weapon, and helm. When I choose the shoulders I was thinking I wanted to pick up more of the green from the kilt but they just don't seem to work. I'd also pick a different polearm and helm since their blue just doesn't match the same hue of blue as the rest of the outfit.

Head: Whisperwind Headdress
Shoulders: Valorous Dreamwalker Spaulders
Chest: Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Tunic
Hands: Master Thief's Gloves
Waist: Belt of Potent Chanting
Legs: Replica Feralheart Kilt
Feet: Sandstalker Ankleguards
Weapon: Black Ice


2/3's of the way though the Mogolympics! Only Equestrian, Free-Style, and Fencing left. I'm pretty excited to see what others have done for Free-style. I also think that would be a very difficult event for judging since there's going to be no specific theme that they're looking for. I also want to make some predictions about how my last three events are going to do based on what I've observed from the event so far. My fencing entry is going to be at the bottom of the pack. I like it but I don't think it will be any judges favorite. Equestrian and Free-style are harder for me to figure out though. Equestrian will either do really well or be a total flop. I'd like to think it'll do well but that's because I really love the outfit. Free-style I think should do fairly well too but again it's because I'm really happy with what I came up with. The fun thing will be seeing if I'm on the mark or way off. It's all going to depend on how well it stacks up to what others have come up with and that scares me because there's been some really amazing stuff so far.

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