Thursday, August 23, 2012

Going for Loremaster

Even though my death knight Tyledres is my main I still have a special spot for Arita. I think some of it is that she is my first toon and one of the few that was never deleted. Another reason is just that the amount of time I've spent on her I've managed to accumulate quite a few achievements. While I know that in Mists there will be account-wide achievements there a few things I really want to accomplish on my druid since she's been wanting them for some time. One of those things is Loremaster.

I'm confident that I'll be able to have this achievement done before the end of the week since I only have 2 zones left - Netherstorm and Blade's Edge. It's also been nice to spend some quality time on my druid. We visited zones that we've never been in before, returned to places where we leveled to see how they've changed, and just spent some time out and about in the world.

But trying to get all the quests done is also slowly driving me insane. That's a lot of quests and Arita did most of her leveling though Outlands and Northrend though dungeons. So I just wanted to share a few things that have helped me and that make things easier.

Use Everyquest and everyquest overlay.  Everyquest keeps tracks of all the quests you've done and what quests you have left which is helpful but Everyquest Overlay is even better since it takes your list and shows on the map where all the questgivers are, what quests they give out, and what quests you have finished. It also marks a skull where you need to kill mobs to get items  that give quests. If your going to attempt Loremaster these addons will make your life so much easier.

Another addon you might want to consider is Multishot.  It's not necessary by any means but this addon takes pictures when you get achievements, raise rep, level, and other major events automatically making for a nice record of your journey, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Some of the other things I've found that have made my questing easier is to make sure I have a large block of uninterrupted time outside of my normal Wow playing time. My normal time I spend doing the things that I would normally be doing, pvping, dungeons, old raids, and chatting with friends and guildies.  That way I can focus on my questing and not feel like I'm missing out on some fun. I also play my focusing music. I've found for myself if I have music playing I'm able to focus better and work better.  I also keep wowhead open in my web brower so I can look up anything that I'm having trouble with. And a bank alt. I've found a lot of neat armor and gear while out hunting down quests along with cloth and other items.  Whenever I reach a town I vendor junk and mail stuff to my enchanter to deal with.  I've managed to collect enough stuff that I've been able to buy for my druid the vendor mount that's she's lusted for since she first learned of it.

So far I've really enjoyed my journey though all the zones and I've keep finding little things that keep me happy exploring around on Arita. Such as this: Have you ever noticed that the ogres paint their fingers and toenails before?

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